A homeless man known only as Kyle was camping on a beach in San Clemente, California, when he spotted a baby shark in distress.

Kyle removed his shoes, grabbed a plastic chair, and ran to the beached shark. He attempted to push the shark back into the water using the chair, and when that didn’t work, Kyle grabbed the shark by the tail and pulled the struggling creature towards the surf. Eventually, the shark was able to swim away.

Video footage of the heroic rescue was captured by bystander Carson Grier. The stranded fish appeared to be a 4-foot-long baby mako shark, Grier stated an interview with the Orange County Register.

When Grier thanked Kyle for helping the shark, the latter stated that it wasn’t his first rescue — once, while Kyle was trying to remove a fish hook from a stingray, the animal began giving birth. Kyle then helped the entire family back into the water.

Watch this video to witness Kyle’s extraordinary act of kindness.