Amazing new video from International Animal Rescue and partner organization Refuge For Wildlife! This sweet video shows an infant Northern tamandua (also known as an anteater) being reunited with his mom in the wild.

Refuge For Wildlife saved this tiny anteater after he was found all alone on the ground, his mother nowhere to be seen. Normally mama anteaters will leave their babies tucked away high in the treetops of the forest while they forage for food. Unfortunately it seems that this baby must have slipped from the trees and fallen onto the ground below.

Image: Refuge For Wildlife

Luckily this baby anteater was found by a local resident before any predators could get to him. The concerned resident took the baby to the wildlife refuge, where he was provided with a medical checkup and round-the-clock care. The tiny baby was named Edwin, and his caretakers fed him some milk and provided a warm water bottle to keep him cozy. This little one is only one month old, and his caretakers knew that the best chance of survival was to reunite baby with mom.

Image: Refuge For Wildlife

Thankfully Edwin’s mama showed up the very next day looking for him in the same spot where he was found in the forest. The folks at the wildlife refuge quickly rushed the baby to the area where his mother was spotted in the trees. It took a little bit of acrobatics as the baby cannot yet climb, but Edwin was finally able to successfully reunite with his mom! As you can see in the video it is such a sweet moment when mama and baby are finally back together in the wild!


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