VIDEO: Hidden Camera at Dog Dumping Site Leads to First Arrest

Dallas police are cracking down on cruel and illegal dog dumping — and they have made their first arrest after installing a hidden camera at a popular dumping site at Teagarden and Dowdy Ferry roads.

In the video, you see a man pull over to the side of the road and lead a black-and-white dog out of the back seat of the car. The man then gets back into the vehicle and pulls away, leaving the poor animal standing on the shoulder, confused.

The dog — just one year old — watches the car drive off, and then starts to slowly wander aimlessly, helpless and abandoned.

The man was now faces criminal animal cruelty charges.

And the dog? Claira-Belle was rescued and taken to the SPCA. She has since been adopted.

Thank you, Dallas Marshal’s Office and the SPCA of Texas for starting this program to help end dog dumping. We urge you to never allow this man to have an animal again.

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  1. j

    Wonderful News- thank you for caring enough!! So glad that POS got some of what he deserved!

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  2. judith griffin

    well done great job catching cruel people

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  3. Gail Yarbrough

    Who’s the REAL dog? Hint: It’s not the canine he let out of the car. What kind of animal abandons his pet? I hope that bastard gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Then after he gets out of prison, execute him.

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    • Cheryl

      No animal dumps their offspring. You have insulted animals. He is a monster, a demon an evil human but not an animal. Animals don’t do things like that.

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  4. Georgina mccallum

    I cry every time . but this one have a happy ending, lord only knows how much this poor animal have been abused prior to this dumping..
    I have a better idea, we should have an uslan ,where this people and all abusived people can live totaly , separated from the rest of any other humanity or animals.

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  5. Bert Gedin

    Is that ex-dog-owner’s life worth any more than that poor dog he has abandoned ? I wonder.

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  6. Debbie

    This is SO VERY SICK — AND — it makes me SICK TO MY STOMACH!
    I’m so very ECSTATIC that she was rescued and is now living in a loving home!
    Poor Claira-Belle

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  7. Pamela Isenhour

    This is music to my ears. Wish it could have been done 15 years ago!!!! Get them and don’t turn loose. Please don’t ease up on this as those babies need every single voice they can muster

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  8. Colleen O'Neill

    Please NEVER allow this man, nor any animal abuser to ever own a pet / animal again!
    Please stop this insanity!

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  9. Wilma

    Thank God Dallas police were proactive enough to put a camera there.
    I wish Florida could do more with the same problem in the Everglades..Greatful for local groups there like 100+abandoneddogsoftheeverglades that rescue these dogs..

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  10. Karin K

    Thank you Dallas SPCA and to the Dallas Marshall ‘ s office for instituting this vital program. The rest of the country should follow your stellar example to end this despicable act of cruelty

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  11. Shaun Fletcher

    People like him deserved to be dumped 400 miles in the middle of a desert and then told, off you go boy.

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  12. Shaun

    These sort of people need dropping off 400 miles in the middle of nowhere and told,”Off you go now”.

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  13. Zully Rosales-Parker

    Idiots who dump dogs should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! We NEED a national dog abuser registry. These morons should never have the honor of having a dog by their side. Thank you for cracking down on people like this.

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    So glad that Claira-Belle will have a new home.

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  15. c.mance

    Well done the police and SPCA for doing this. Something positive
    at last. Now can someone just find that fat twat and have a little
    talk with him.

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  16. Barbara

    Thank God someone is working on this problem.

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  17. Ellen McConnell

    People who “dump” their animals are inhumane & must be punished!!

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  18. Dean

    It probably belonged to somebody else, but its barking ‘annoyed’ him! I’m surprised trumpigshit didn’t just shoot it and collect his nra-of-the-month award!

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  19. Vicky Sanders

    Bravo Dallas! The country needs more of this, although if people had morals and scruples, they wouldn’t be dumping in the first place.

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  20. Barbara Mintz

    Heartbreaking to see a dog dumped like that! THANK YOU, Dallas Marshal’s Office and the SPCA of Texas, for helping to put an end to such cruelty!

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  21. Cheryl

    OH I am so happy that they caught this idiot dumping that poor little dog. She was so cute and so confused. She went around the car to get back in. I am sure it was hot out there. That stupid creep should be left out in the desert to die. He definitely should go to jail and not be allowed to have any more dogs or animals of any kind. I hope that this program will increase and get very popular and will stop dog dumping.

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  22. Autumn Steele

    This person and any other should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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  23. jameela eugenio

    There is too much cruelty inflicted on every specie of animals all over the world & this is one of them. Kudos to you guys for what you’re doing, you are all heroes in my book & God bless your good hearts!

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  24. Caterina Moynihan

    When did this happen and can you release the man’s name. The only way to have this man NEVER to have another animal AGAIN is to have an Animal Abuse Registry with his NAME on it. There have been several states that are thinking about this law. But we as VOTERS need to make sure our reps hear US. Anyone convicted of cruelty to an animal should be put on this registry. It is disheartening to see that little or no punishment is dealt to those who do offend. They are now free to abuse again. Together we can change this. But in the interim, a system for listing past offenders will be available to everyone.

    Individuals convicted of cruelty, however, change locations moving to different counties, states, etc. Habitual offenders, those individuals that these types if registries are designed to track, move more often than not. We are imploring lawmakers and those agencies responsible for proposing and creating these databases to form a committee that sets a standard for data collection and ensures that this public data is in a format that will benefit everyone. Without this standardization, each of these registries will function as autonomous entities, without the possibility of cross-referencing.

    The premise of this or any other bill should be to have abusers’ names on a Database Registry, where shelters and others who are responsible for finding safe and loving homes for animals will have a resource available to determine whether or not a person has a background of abuse/neglect. This will provide necessary background information to everyone responsible for the safety of an animal. In this way, the offender will not be afforded any opportunities to abuse/neglect another animal again.

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  25. Patricia

    Thank you for pointing this awful situation. Please continue to arrest and prosecute these awful people.

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  26. Beatrice Lavagnino

    This is the best news that I read today. THANK YOU TO THE GOOD PEOPLE WHO TOOK THE TIME TO WORK FOR THIS POOR ANIMALS. I REALLY HOPE THAT THE CRUEL MAN GOES TO “JAIL” !!!! I hope that they don’t start dumping at another places. THANK YOU. GOOD JOB!!

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  27. maria

    thank god they got this idiot and prosecute him to the cruel…glad to see this pup got saved and adopted.

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  28. Leanne

    Good onya Dallas and S.P.C.A. for taking the initiative to deal with this horrendous problem. There are too many abandoned animals out there. He should be fined and go to jail!!

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  29. Maryann Horvath

    I cant believe that this is going on,what is wrong with people today.

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  30. Farnoush Katouzian

    Thank you guys for doing this. God Bless you. thank God you where there to rescue her.

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  31. MS

    CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY — We must ensure that these idiots stay away from animals & NEVER adopt again — the depraved indifference to the dog’s well-being is telling of cruel, unconscionable, merciless humans — they are irrational — let’s ensure these idiots NOT be allowed to adopt NOR have possession of animals ever again — PUNISHMENT & PENALTIES MUST BE FITTING — WHY would a rational & compassionate society allow these imbeciles to get away with their neglect & indifference! — We do NOT want repeats of these cruel acts against animals EVER!

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  32. jan Conway

    I am so glad this person was arrested and charged, he should know better as he’s an older person, how would he like it if he were the dog and someone did this to him. Throw in jail and throw away the key.

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  33. glenn feinberg

    It’s about time!! If all police departments did this, more dogs would be saved!!

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