Dallas police are cracking down on cruel and illegal dog dumping — and they have made their first arrest after installing a hidden camera at a popular dumping site at Teagarden and Dowdy Ferry roads.

In the video, you see a man pull over to the side of the road and lead a black-and-white dog out of the back seat of the car. The man then gets back into the vehicle and pulls away, leaving the poor animal standing on the shoulder, confused.

The dog — just one year old — watches the car drive off, and then starts to slowly wander aimlessly, helpless and abandoned.

The man was now faces criminal animal cruelty charges.

And the dog? Claira-Belle was rescued and taken to the SPCA. She has since been adopted.

Thank you, Dallas Marshal’s Office and the SPCA of Texas for starting this program to help end dog dumping. We urge you to never allow this man to have an animal again.