Dog owners would probably unanimously state that dog really is human’s best friend. These sweet, four-legged, furry creatures deserve our love and attention, and also our care each and every day. We need to appreciate our dogs in any way that we can, so here are a couple of tips on how to show them we love them this summer.

1. Give them some extra time playing and walking

Most dogs can never get enough of running and playing with other dogs, so find a day when you don’t have to rush to some daily obligation and stay with your dog in the park as much as he wants it. Taking out an active dog for a really long walk can be quite beneficial for your pet. Just take your time and enjoy.

2. Get some extra toys

Summer is the time when we get out of the house more, and sometimes your dog may be left alone, without you to play with. That’s why you should cheer up your dog with some new pet toys to keep them occupied. Even better – let your pet choose the toy in the pet shop!

3. Bake some pet cookies

Dogs enjoy good food, too! Surprise your dog with special “pupcakes”. Their recipes can be easily found online. Have fun with it!

4. Give your dog a massage

Animals can enjoy a proper massage just like people. Find a professional or learn to do it yourself. It’s a growing trend, so there is probably a place nearby where you can take your dog for a gentle massage.

5. Take your dog on a vacation with you

Summer is a time of year when you can really bond with your dog outside in the warm and sunny weather. So, why not do it in some new place, just the two of you? Find a nice place in the countryside, far away from the noise and everyday obligations and just enjoy having pure fun with your dog. As always, take proper precaution when travelling to keep your best friend safe.

6. Find a new mutual activity

Try to work out a new activity that you can do with your dog. Take a walk along the river bank or play with a Frisbee in the park – be creative.

7. Change their bed

Maybe it’s time to get your dog a new bed. Check the one she has now – if it’s a bit ratty and shaggy, it would be nice to buy her a new one.

8. Doggy date

You don’t have to take your dog to the dog park every time you want him to socialize with other dogs. Arrange a play date at your house with dogs you know your pooch likes, and let them have their fun.

9. Find them proper care

If you are planning to go on a vacation and it’s just not possible to take your dog with you, make sure you leave her in good hands. Whether it’s a close friend or a relative, a pet sitter or kennel professionals, you should choose that person carefully. As Cooltre Dog boarding Perth employees recommend, if it’s not a person that your dog already knows and feels comfortable with, ask other pet owners for their reviews on appropriate professionals — so both you and your dog are happy, even if you’re separated for some time.

10. Teach them a new trick

Most dogs enjoy learning new stuff, so as long as they are willing to do that, don’t miss a chance to come up with some new tricks for them to do. And of course, give them a big treat when they succeed in it.

11. Adopt a new pet

Yes, this can be tricky if you have a dog that isn’t used to sharing you with anybody else. Still, if you feel that your dog will enjoy some company when you’re not around, then consider getting another pet. That way, you will give your dog a buddy, and you will also save another poor animal from an animal shelter.

12. Spa day

Many animals love being pampered — if yours fits into this category, find a pet spa center for your dog. If your dog also needs grooming, this is the time to do that. If you can’t find a professional place for pampering your dog, do it yourself. Just give them a long brush or a gentle bath.


Leila Dorari is a freelance writer from Sydney.  She’s passionate about self-growth and living better lives by nurturing our relationships. Currently she is spreading the word about the stress-free summer vacation solutions for all the loving pet owners.