A dog in Glendale, Calif. has once again shown us how heroic and smart canines are.

Rescue dog Sandy knew just what to do after Glendale resident Gwendola Johnson fell and couldn’t get up or call for help, barking at and leading a sanitation worker to the 88-year-old, who had been laying in the hot sun for about an hour.

Johnson unfortunately tripped walking out the front door of her house, reported People. Later, city sanitation worker Kirk White stopped by for his usual rounds — Glendale has a program in which sanitation workers help seniors bring in their garbage cans from the street.

From the ground, Johnson was able to see White, but he couldn’t see or hear her.

Johnson knew Sandy, who she rescued 11 years ago, could help.

“When I saw him, I said to Sandy, ‘You go get him,’ so he did,” Johnson told KTLA.

Security camera footage shows Sandy barking at White as if he was trying to tell him something.

White had noticed Sandy wasn’t in his usual window spot inside, and when the dog came up to him barking so insistently, he knew he had to investigate.

White followed the dog, who brought him to Johnson. White made sure she didn’t need medical attention and helped her up.

Johnson and her family are grateful for Sandy and White, who listened to the dog and made the effort to find out what was wrong.

“We all cried when we saw the video,” Johnson’s granddaughter, Cheryl Malvar, told KTLA. “Sandy did a good job.”

This isn’t the only instance of a dog being a hero! Recently, heroic pooches have saved baby deer, fellow canines, abandoned kittens, and many others.

They truly are humans’ best friends.