Originally meant to be a cattle dog, a one-year-old puppy named Bo ‘failed’ at his new job, developing an inseparable bond with Cupcake, a disabled calf born with crooked legs, instead.

Genia Kay Meyer and her husband Tim brought Cupcake to her home in Peavine, Okla. at just five weeks old, and she quickly became best friends with Bo.

“The very first day we took her home and started her on the bottle, he just took up with her and started licking up all the milk off her face, and wouldn’t leave her,” Meyer told Oklahoma News 4. “I don’t know if it was curiosity or what it was, but he just laid by her and stayed with her.”

Every day, the two can be seen playing and cuddling. Unfortunately, Cupcake’s future is in jeopardy because she needs surgery for her bowed legs, but she can count on Bo to stay by her side, helping her take each day as it comes.