When Abi’s mom gets asked questions such as “where are her eyes?” and “how does she see?” the answers are obvious. Abi doesn’t have eyes and she can’t see. Her mom wasn’t planning on adopting a special needs dog and had, in fact, never even been around one; nevertheless, Abi stole her heart. There’s no complex backstory to why Abi’s mom adopted her – she was simply drawn to the adorable, smiling dog with no eyes.

When Abi first came home, she was a bit shy, taking some time to warm up and show her personality. After a few weeks, the adorable pup realized she was with her forever family and in a safe place and decided to come out of her shell.

Now, Abi is an assertive and confident dog. One of her favorite activities is to accompany her mom to the cafe, where the employees treat her to a “Puppaccino” or a treat.

When Abi’s mom received text messages from her brother about another blind dog in Michigan named Duke, she initially said “no.” After all, she wasn’t sure how she’d get Duke across the country, to her home on the West coast. Lo and behold, Abi’s family made the four-day drive to pick up Duke.

To make Duke more comfortable, the veterinarian removed his eyes. From there on out, his quality of life increased noticeably. Although Duke is much calmer than Abi, the two blind dogs have an inseparable bond. Adventurous Abi encourages Duke to try new things – recently, he went swimming at the beach, and discovered that he absolutely loves the water!

Abi and Duke prove that anything is possible with a special friend by your side and that together, they can accomplish anything. While blind dogs may take longer to learn certain activities, they’re just as capable and loving as dogs with sight!