Meet Kila, a blind Husky Mix found wandering the streets of Tijuana while people cruelly threw rocks at her. An organization called Forever Home Pet Rescue rescued Kila and listed her for adoption on their website. Kila’s pictures immediately caught the eye of Alexis Magoo, a woman who was battling depression and sought a comforting companion. Alexis fell in love at first glance with 9-month-old Kila’s unique and adorable “cartoon character” appearance.

Despite the abuse Kila suffered as a puppy, she remains trusting, affectionate, and sweet. The happy-go-lucky canine also doesn’t let blindness stop her from being active and making new friends. One of Kila’s favorite places to go is the dog park, where she plays fetch and excitedly chases other dogs. To learn her way around a new place, Kila maps out her surroundings by spinning around in circles. Then, she joins the fun!

Kila doesn’t only enjoy the company of humans and other dogs. After adopting Kila, Alexis introduced another new addition to the family: a feline “little brother.” The two are best friends and love to sleep, cuddle, and play together!

Now that she’s found a loving forever home, Kila will never have to experience abuse again. On the other hand, Kila has brought much-needed joy and unconditional love to Alexis’s life and home. This sweet story reminds us that we don’t just adopt animals to help them, but because humans and their pets help each other.