VIDEO: People Once Threw Rocks At This Blind, Stray Dog – Now She Has the Perfect Home

Meet Kila, a blind Husky Mix found wandering the streets of Tijuana while people cruelly threw rocks at her. An organization called Forever Home Pet Rescue rescued Kila and listed her for adoption on their website. Kila’s pictures immediately caught the eye of Alexis Magoo, a woman who was battling depression and sought a comforting companion. Alexis fell in love at first glance with 9-month-old Kila’s unique and adorable “cartoon character” appearance.

Despite the abuse Kila suffered as a puppy, she remains trusting, affectionate, and sweet. The happy-go-lucky canine also doesn’t let blindness stop her from being active and making new friends. One of Kila’s favorite places to go is the dog park, where she plays fetch and excitedly chases other dogs. To learn her way around a new place, Kila maps out her surroundings by spinning around in circles. Then, she joins the fun!

Kila doesn’t only enjoy the company of humans and other dogs. After adopting Kila, Alexis introduced another new addition to the family: a feline “little brother.” The two are best friends and love to sleep, cuddle, and play together!

Now that she’s found a loving forever home, Kila will never have to experience abuse again. On the other hand, Kila has brought much-needed joy and unconditional love to Alexis’s life and home. This sweet story reminds us that we don’t just adopt animals to help them, but because humans and their pets help each other.



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  1. Gazelle Araneta

    Such a heartwarming story! I am so glad you have them both. They are both so cute and very lucky to be in a home filled with love. May you have all the blessings in the world since you are a good soul.

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  2. AprilM

    Such a pitiful beginning! Kila, blind, not knowing where these things that were hurting her were coming from! Thank goodness Forever Home Pet Rescue did recue Kila from the hateful streets of Tijuana and Thank God Alexis Magoo was needing an animal like Kila. Then adding a kitty cat to her home as well. Loves transcends all things and Kila has absolutely THRIVED with Alexis’ love and the companionship of the kitty!

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  3. NaNcy

    A wonderful heartwarming ending! May all three of you have a blessed life!!!

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  4. Hollie

    What a wonderful win win story. Alexis saved Kila and Kila saved Alexis. That is how life works. I am so glad you shared the story and I wish all three of you only the very best!!!

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  5. Ellen McConnell

    How could anyone be this sick, inhumane & barbaric to hurt a blind dog or any animal??? They must be punishedto the max!

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  6. cindi scholefield

    Wow what a fantastic story. Animals just know when they’re needed, and these two knew they needed each other (sorry, make that three with the kitten). Hope you all have many years of bliss together.

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  7. Barbara Rowe

    Thank you Alexis for being so kind to Kila, may God bless you both.

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  8. Barbara Rowe

    Thank you Alexis for being so kind to Kila, may God bless you both.

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  9. linda Wiltshire

    Lovely story. They both got something good from this.

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  10. Derek johnson

    What a neat dog! Thank you for adopting this cute dog. I can see that your dog and your cat love each other!!

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  11. Marilyn Kennedy

    Thank You to the lady that rescued this Furbaby 🙂 .

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  12. Marilyn Kennedy

    Who controls the audio on these videos?. Why is the music so loud?. It’s hard to hear the woman talking!

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  13. Lora Hutchison

    She is beautiful 💗 So happy she has a loving Mommy and brother kitty 💗

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  14. Julie

    What a wonderful story of a rescue and the love that has blossomed for both Kila and Alexis…and the kitty of course as well!

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  15. Anya

    Nice that Kila has a cat brother to play with too !

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  16. Dr thomas ambrosia

    May HE Bless you a 100 fold
    Anyone harming any of HIS human and animal friends must be punished even put to death if need be.

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  17. Anya

    Thank you Alexis ! So happy Kila has a new home with Love. Love you Kila ! Stupid and Mean people that threw rocks on Kila should be jailed.

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  18. Julie Tamayo

    You guys are angels and your video of you guys made my day.

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  19. Lona

    Bless you! A true angel. You all make a perfect family.

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  20. Leanne

    I am so glad thst Kila has found a loving furever home. May Kila, Alexis and the cat have many happy years together. 🙎‍♀️🐶🐱

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  21. Anne kuzel

    People can be cruel with throwing the rocks shame on them, very happy to hear that she found a good loving home and again shows that animals are very forgiving and very happy that Alexis and Kila found each other and can help each other through a happy lufe,

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  22. Laurielynne

    Two beauties found one another. So happy for you both. May you both have a loooooooooooooong and happy life together!

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  23. LMS

    Alexis, you and Kila are both awesome!! Blessings and many years of joy to both of you!! Your a match made in heaven!!

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  24. Donna

    Alexis and Kila I’m so happy that you found each other it’s nice to hear something good for once. Enjoy your loving and happy life together.

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  25. Tisa

    Such a wonderful ending to a sad experience. How many cruel people are there in this world?
    How do they become so mean? How can we stop their pervertedness?

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  26. Carol Anderberg


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  27. sooz

    what a wonderful story, and thank you sweet lady for giving her all the love she can handle. and is clear to see she is giving it right back to you and her kitten friend! THANK YOU for saving her!!

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  28. Sherrie L Risen

    Do happy she got adopted, and knows love now!!!

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  29. Misty

    Thank you for getting these two beautiful animals away from the monsters. Who throws rocks at an animal and especially a blind one. What has happened to humanity? How did the vile monster who dumped her think she would survive? Especially in a country that doesn’t protect animals!!!
    Please give your family extra kisses and hugs from me. You are an angel sent to protect them.
    God bless you and your family. Xoxo

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  30. Eva Tervala

    That’s just what life should be ! 🙂 She is really happy and cures every depression with her sunny mood.
    So beautyful lady with heart of gold and compassion ! What a small cute family and babybrotherkitten 💕

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  31. Dorothy Callahan

    You are SO blessed!! And God bless you for rescuing her!!!

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  32. Wendy Wilson

    Firstly you have a heart of gold taking on a blind dog and secondly giving her the chance of a loving caring home she has the better life now and can forget all those horrible thing’s that people did to her, she’s so gorgeous and full of life we need alot more people like you in this world so thank you for caring where nobody else would

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  33. Janice

    I am so glad there are people who would give a handicapped animal a chance at a good life instead of ending it!! ❤️❤️

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