When a kind woman found two stray kittens in her yard, she began feeding them to ensure that they didn’t starve. Shortly thereafter, she made a discovery. The three-week-old brothers had noticeable abnormalities in their eyes, prompting the woman to take them to the vet.

The kittens, named Stevie and Isaac, were born with deformed eyelids, causing irreversible damage to their pupils. To avoid infections, they underwent surgeries to remove their blind eyes. Luckily, the vet was able to save Isaac’s one good eye by reconstructing his eyelid.

The kittens recovered quickly and were back to playing less than a day after their surgeries. They’ve now found forever homes with loving families. Stevie, who is fully blind, relies on Isaac to help him navigate and alerts his brother when he gets confused. Isaac responds immediately to his brother’s cries, offering help and comfort.

There’s a lesson to be learned by the special bond the two brothers share and their refusal to be limited by their disabilities – that life can be lived to the fullest, despite your obstacles!