Lady Freethinker was on the scene for the launch party of Jane Velez-Mitchell’s incredible vegan cooking series New Day, New Chef, now available on Amazon Prime Video.

As you might expect from a culinary show event, the food was spectacular.

Jane Velez-Mitchell digs in


And of course, Jane Unchained News livestreamed the festivities as the amazing chefs, taste-testers and other guests took to the green carpet:


Including  LFT’s own Nina Jackel.

nina jackel

LFT founder Nina Jackel


And then back to the food! Between the plant-based chili, lasagna, pizza, guacamole, cheese platter and cheesecake, there was no way anybody could have missed the meat.



Watch New Day, New Chef and get inspired to make your own vegan feast!


Nina Jackel Jane Velez-Mitchell

Nina and Jane