Vegan “butchers” chopped up more than two billion beans for plant-based “meat” alternatives in 2020, potentially saving thousands of animals from cruel slaughter.

Using more than 60,000 pounds of beans, the Very Good Butchers rushed to keep up with the rapidly rising demand for cruelty-free burgers, sausages, bacon, steaks, roasts, and more. The popularity of plant-based eating is growing, and in 2020 alone, customers purchased more than 300,000 Very Good Burgers.

very good butchers of very good food company vegan meat

Image Courtesy of Very Good Food Company

Mitchell Scott, the company’s CEO, said that while the COVID-19 pandemic created economic challenges, it also encouraged more interest in healthy, plant-based eating and more online orders of groceries for cooking at home.

“2020 has been our most successful year to date,” Scott said. “Our team, customers, retail partners, and investors rose to the challenge and achieved success beyond our expectations, while butchering a lot of beans.”

Founded in 2016, The Very Good Food Company creates delicious and healthy plant-based foods with minimal processing. The company’s products are available in Canadian grocery stores and online throughout North America.

With the help of two newly-opened production facilities in Vancouver and California, delectable Very Good “meats” are slated to become available for retail sale in the United States this year.