A beautiful dog named Leialoha has made an extraordinary recovery after being buried alive at a beach in O’ahu, Hawaii in July.

This sweet pup is lucky to be alive after a man – presumed to be her owner – slashed her legs with a machete and left her for dead beneath the sand.

A Lady Freethinker petition urging Honolulu Police to find and prosecute the man responsible garnered nearly 30,000 signatures. Unfortunately, no arrest has been made yet.

Luckily for Leialoha (which means beloved child), she was rescued by PAWS of Hawaii. In spite of serious health problems, including severe burns, a serious skin condition, multiple wounds, and anemia, this little fighter has bounced back.

A recent Facebook post by PAWS of Hawaii said that Leialoha had “made the fastest recovery we have yet to see from a dog in her condition.”

The local community was horrified by this case of abuse and responded with outpourings of support and donations to help cover the cost of her care. Many followed her recovery via Facebook updates.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of rescuers, veterinarians, and her dedicated foster carer Amanda, Leialoha is now on the way to her forever home in Big Island, Hawaii.

We wish this beautiful, smiley dog a long and happy life with her new family.