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Honolulu Chief of Police, Susan Ballard http://www.honolulupd.org/contact/index.php?page=contact

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PETITION TARGET: Honolulu Chief of Police, Susan Ballard

A bleeding, scorched and terrified dog survived being buried alive in the burning sand of an Oahu beach, helpless against her machete-wielding attacker.

The wounded and dehydrated dog, whom rescuers named Leialoha (meaning “beloved child”), was missing 90% of her fur, was severely sunburned, had lesions and swollen limbs and was “bleeding from every inch of her body” when a member of PAWS of Hawaii found her. She was so brutally abused that the PAWS team couldn’t bathe her for two days.

“Her skin, if you were able to smell her, is rancid because she has so many open sores that are infected,” PAWS executive director Ku’ulei Durand told KITV.

Bystanders had witnessed a man — believed to be the dog’s caretaker — carrying out this disgusting act while holding a machete, which he is believed to have used to slash the dog, as evidenced by the deep wounds on one of her front legs.

Fortunately, Leialoha was rescued just in time and survived her dreadful ordeal; but this atrocious act of cruelty cannot go unpunished. Police need to discover and bring the culprit to justice before he can hurt and possibly kill any more animals.

Sign this petition to urge Honolulu Chief of Police Susan Ballard to find and prosecute this cruel perpetrator to the fullest extent of the law and ensure he is never allowed to take charge of another animal again.