Star Athletes Speak Out Against High-Speed Slaughter of Pigs

Star Athletes Speak Out Against High-Speed Slaughter of Pigs

Famous athletes are joining forces with Compassion Over Killing (COK) for the “Not So Fast, USDA” campaign to stop the cruel and dangerous high-speed slaughter of pigs.

Proposed rule changes could enable pig farms to speed up the slaughter of animals while reducing the number of trained government inspectors, shifting oversight to the industry itself.

Some of America’s top sports stars are speaking out to stop this plan. The list includes NBA Champion Metta World Peace; Olympic cyclist Dotsie Bausch; cyclist Jack Lindquist; rock-climber Steph Davis; race car driver Spencer Pumpelly; World Cup volleyball champion Dustin Watten; ultra-runner Laura Kline; and race car driver Andy Lally.

Dotsie high-speed slaughter

“Compassion Over Killing is excited to pass the ball to these renowned athletes who are energizing our team effort to champion animals, workers, and consumers by opposing the USDA’s dangerous NSIS program,” said Erica Meier, COK’s Executive Director.

There are many problems with the high-speed method: workers are pressed to keep up with the rapid kill rate of up to 1300 pigs per hour – a mind-blowing 21 pigs per minute – and use physical violence to move pigs through the chutes more quickly.

In 2016, 60 members of Congress penned a letter to the USDA expressing their concerns.

The letter stated that “the available evidence suggests the hog HIMP will undermine food safety…rapid line speeds present some of the greatest risks of inhumane treatment as workers are often pressured to take violent shortcuts to keep up. We are concerned that these new rules are being pushed by the industry to increase profits at the expense of public health.”

Lady Freethinker has regularly reported on this issue, writing about the horrific observations by Scott David, an investigator for COK who went undercover at a high-speed plant and saw unimaginable cruelty. We are proud to be part of a coalition of 35 organizations actively opposing high-speed slaughter, including animal rights organizations, workers’ rights groups, and environmental and consumer protection organizations.

Members of the public have until May 2nd, 2018 to comment on the proposal, which is called the “Modernization of Swine Slaughter Inspection.”

We encourage you to make your voice heard by commenting, and urge you to join the 255,000 people who have already signed the petition against the proposal.

“As a society, we need to draw the line and put safety, common sense and compassion ahead of corporate profits,” said Metta World Peace. “The modernization of our food safety systems should NOT come at the expense of public health, worker safety, or animal welfare.”

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  1. Teri J Wilson

    Glad to hear athletes are speaking out against this awful pig slaughtering method. Try watching Netflix’s FOOD, INC. It will make you sick!

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  2. Jennifer Juniper

    We are so disgusted at the continuation of the complete lack of empathy for those sentient beings who are involved in the meat industry (namely pigs in this matter) in this country by the USDA. This organization’s motivations are questionable to our family, and their decisions are not worthy of being instituted. In this case, the USDA values production over the fact that doing so means these pigs suffer violence and terror in their last moments. We are sickened by this push by an agency that is supposed to have not only the health of the nation in it’s sights, but is supposed to strongly protect the most humane way to kill their charges, but they clearly do not. We are pleading and imploring the USDA to consider their sentient charges here and refuse to institute increased production if it in ANY way causes those charges to suffer, which this proposition clearly does. PLEASE let us be a humane society who cares for it’s animals, agriculture that is humane and worthy of the United States.

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  3. Mary connolly

    Heinous and barbaric are the proper words. There can be no justification for this cruelty.
    The best thing is to stop eating meat.

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    Pigs are intelligent animals. They dont deserve this barbaric way of ending their life. I stopped eating pork years ago. Tysons videos did it for me. I saw a women put her hand up a piglets behind and pull out its entrails while it squealed to death.that did it for me. I only eat meat that’s farm friendly. ..and I know where is been. These companies need to see what their employees are doing to these innocent animals. Heinous.

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  5. D'Lyn

    Let’s start worrying about compassion over pocketbooks! That goes for all slaughterhouses. Animals should be raised and treated well since we are expecting them to give their lives for human consumption. Makes me so upset that people could actually treat living beings so wrong! 🙁

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  6. Rob

    It’s a shame not just ONE tv advert can be put out showing the misery of these poor creatures full stop, let alone this heinous proposal. A picture paints a 1000 words and the amount of people it would put-off eating meat could be monumental. I wish I had the money and influence to make it

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  7. Gerrit Vanhove

    To everyone: Please stop eating meat! I decided to do so 1 month ago, after again horrific videos of suffering animals in slautherhouses. I thought it would be hard to do, but hey, I don’t miss meat at all.

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  8. cindi scholefield

    Pigs have such a miserable life to begin with, this new idea will just increase their torture. So amazing and wonderful to see that these ‘celebrities’ have such compassion and understanding, and are speaking out. It is always so important to have well-known personalities on your side. It’s also important that we stop eating pork. If the demand from the market dries up everything can change, and one day pigs can life decent lives and raise their piglets in comfort. With apologies to Sam Cooke “What a wonderful day that would be”. 🙂

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  9. Carole Newsome

    Thank you from our heroes, on the court and on life.

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  10. Rosita Muller

    Te erg!!!!!!….Laat het stoppen nu!!!!!… getekend!

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  11. louise despointes

    thank you for speaking up for farm animals torture , specially pigs, just for farmers getting rich as people want to eat more & more meat, we need more famous people just as you to expose that, become végan !

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  12. Leanne

    I praise those atheletes who ared getting behind this. No pig deserves to suffer like this and then be killed. And what of worker safety? Oh yes let’s put profit before compassiin and safety. NOT!! 🐷🐖🐽

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    Are we by any chance at war with the
    Whole animal kingdom now? Is there a
    Reasonable excuse for high-speed killing
    Of pigs? How would anyone like to be
    Cruelly and viciously treated and THEN
    be subjected to slaughter?? Ridiculous….

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  14. Cynthia Brown

    The Modernization of Swine Inspection “ my foot…once again it’s all about making MONEY by torture, abuse, cruelty and murder of innocent animals. I am sickened that these facilities exist in their current forms, but to change them to this further inhumane process is nothing short of the last straw for me, with these companies and the government that is supposed to look out for their constituency and the greater good of those who cannot speak for themselves – whether that be child, beast or mentally incapacitated.
    What has happened this country?

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  15. Deb

    The slaughterhouses already are having issues with contaminated meat, intestines are sliced open and fecal matter cannot be irridated, power sprayed out of the tissue. Hence setting meat with shit . Great our government inciting more contaminated food for those whom eat meat. And workers are also suffering severe injuries during the current speed of slaughterhouses.

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