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Agriculture, Livestock, & Water Committee Chair Jeni James Arndt: [email protected] // https://leg.colorado.gov/committees/agriculture-livestock-water/2021-regular-session

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37,794 signatures

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PETITION TARGET: Colorado Agriculture, Livestock, & Water Committee Chair Jeni James Arndt

Cruelly forced to perform unnatural tricks and stunts for profit, captive lions, tigers, elephants, and other circus animals are threatened with whips and subjected to other painful, dominance-based acts.

After performances, these abused creatures are kept in small and often filthy enclosures, where they cannot properly roam, socialize, or engage in other natural behaviors necessary for their psychological well-being.

It’s no wonder that they become prone to unpredictable and possibly harmful behavior like pacing, self-mutilating, or aggression toward trainers  — thereby posing a public safety risk.

Senate Bill 21-135, also called the Traveling Animal Protection Act, would ban the use of certain animals in traveling performances across Colorado, including wolves, foxes, coyotes, bears, wild cats, primates, marsupials,  and elephants —  species that are most vulnerable to the circus industry.

The bill is now headed to Colorado’s Agriculture, Livestock, & Water Committee for further debate.

Wild animals should never suffer for our entertainment, and it is time to end theses cruel and outdated traveling shows.

Sign this petition urging Agriculture, Livestock, & Water Committee Chair Jeni James Arndt to support this crucial bill, protecting vulnerable wildlife and supporting public safety.

circus tiger