In a gruesome case in Aurangabad, India, a slew of severed dog heads and mutilated dog carcasses have been discovered in the city, according to a report in the Times of India. Local restaurants are suspected of slaughtering stray dogs and selling their flesh in biryani (a rice dish) as a source of cheap meat.

It is illegal to consume dog meat in India, and kidnapping dogs from the street and brutally killing them must not be tolerated. Not only is this practice unspeakably cruel, but it puts public health at risk. If the city government fails to act, more dogs will be victimized, and humans may get sick.

The Animal Welfare Board has recommended that city officials monitor stray dogs, and implement birth control measures so the streets are not full of strays to be grabbed and butchered.

Sign the petition urging officials in Aurangabad to heed these recommendations, perform a thorough investigation and shut down all restaurants found to be serving dog meat at once.