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Members of Congress: Glenn Thompson, Chairman of The House Committee on Agriculture. Fax: (202) 225-5796

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PETITION TARGET: Members of Congress

Living in cramped spaces, forced to sit in their feces and urine, and often not having access to food or clean water: dogs in puppy mills are often subjected to inhumane conditions — even in facilities licensed by the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Goldie was a Golden Retriever who tragically died after suffering in a puppy mill that was monitored by the USDA. Shockingly, facilities that violate the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) are often allowed to continue operating and local authorities are not always notified — as Goldie’s case showed. As a result, innocent dogs may be left to continue suffering dismal living conditions and may even die. 

New legislation, called Goldie’s Act, could crack down on puppy mills and other facilities housing animals by requiring more from the USDA to prevent tragedies like the horrific starvation and neglect that Goldie suffered. 

This legislation would require the USDA to thoroughly document violations of the AWA at USDA-licensed facilities, promptly alert law enforcement and other authorities about violations, and follow up on violations until they are resolved. If passed, the legislation would also allow the USDA to take animals from USDA-licensed facilities if they are clearly being abused.

Goldie’s Act is a lifesaving measure that would provide the oversight needed to better protect innocent animals from inhumane treatment. 

Sign our petition urging Congress to pass Goldie’s Act to protect innocent dogs and other animals housed in USDA-licensed facilities.