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Legislators in Hanoi and the country of Vietnam

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PETITION TARGET: Legislators in Hanoi and the country of Vietnam

Dogs and cats were seen trembling in fear in crowded cages before being butchered in front of each other in heartwrenching footage from Lady Freethinker’s undercover investigation into the dog and cat meat trade in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Struggling dogs were grabbed by the neck with long metal tongs and bludgeoned over the head repeatedly with giant clubs.

Cats in collars – likely stolen companion animals – were seen huddled together in cages on the streets near signs advertising their meat. Dogs were similarly seen cowering in terror and appearing to seek comfort from each other.

Meat from the animals was processed on top of the cages of live dogs, with blood dripping onto the faces of the frightened animals.

These intelligent, sensitive animals deserve better.

Recent polls have reported that the majority of Vietnamese citizens support a ban on dog and cat meat. This investigation follows S. Korea’s recent ban on dog meat, and Lady Freethinker is calling on Vietnam to adopt similar legislation to end the cruel industry.

Cat with collar in cage

Lady Freethinker/Aaron Gekoski

Dogs and cats are deeply loving animals who crave companionship. They do not deserve to endure such horrifying violence.

It’s time to finally end this cruel trade for good.

Sign this petition to urge officials both in the city of Hanoi and the entire nation of Vietnam to pass legislation banning the brutal dog and cat meat trade permanently.

Be sure to check out Lady Freethinker’s full investigation on the Vietnam dog and cat meat trade here.