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The Grand Island City Council: [email protected], Council Member Mitch Nickerson: -- I cannot find his email, but he is the committee liaison, you can only email him directly from the site: https://www.grand-island.com/Home/Components/StaffDirectory/StaffDirectory/650/4987.

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PETITION TARGET: The Grand Island City Council and Animal Advisory Board

Bulls are set to suffer physical and psychological abuse in the name of “entertainment” at the upcoming Nebraska State Fair — where it was announced that bullfighting and bull riding would take place.

Bull riding and bullfighting are brutal events which terrorize innocent bulls into aggression.

In bull riding, metal spurs, electric prods, and painful flank straps (that burn the bull’s sensitive belly and groin) are commonly used to incite “bucking” — a natural response to fear, discomfort, and pain. When bulls are forced to buck aggressively and for prolonged periods of time, they develop debilitating injuries to their back and legs

“Bullfighters” are encouraged to torment the bulls by performing aggressive maneuvers on and around the frightened bulls.

These events typically use a point system in which participants are rewarded for provoking agitated behaviors from the gentle animals and which award substantial cash prizes — incentivizing brutality.

Bulls are intelligent, social, and naturally docile animals. They do not deserve to suffer this cruelty.

Sign our petition urging the leadership of the Grand Island City Council and Animal Advisory Board to enact an ordinance banning cruel rodeo events at state fairs to prevent innocent animals from suffering in the name of “entertainment.”