The fate of not only people, but billions of animals will soon rest in the hands of President-Elect Donald Trump. NOW is the time that we MUST stand up for our values and urge him to fight animal abuse. No matter whom you voted for, you still have a say in the future of animal rights in America. 

Sadly, the Trump family has notoriously slaughtered elephants, leopards and other cherished, exotic animals for pure sport in now-viral trophy hunts. And Trump's promised deregulation of industry could result in even worse torture of animals on factory farms. For compassionate citizens, our work is clearly cut out for us.

But we, the people, are not helpless in shaping the future. Mr. Trump won on a platform of vowing to help those who feel they have no voice in the current political system. Animals are the truly voiceless. And Trump's promised "law and order" can and must extend to cracking down on crimes against animals, too.

Mr. Trump will have an opportunity to pass crucial legislation to protect animals, like The Humane Cosmetics Act to end invasive animal testing for cosmetics. Like the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act, which would create federal laws to stop horrific "animal crushing." And like the Pet and Women's Safety Act, which would protect both the human and animal victims of domestic violence.

Please join us in urging Mr. Trump to show compassion for the animals viciously abused every day. The dogs and cats beaten, neglected and murdered by human hands. The pigs, chickens and cows who suffer in disease and prison-like confinement for Big Agriculture. The elephants, lions, tigers and other wild species violently forced to entertain humans in traveling circuses and roadside zoos -- and yes, those needlessly killed in canned trophy hunts. 

Mr. Trump, the citizens have spoken: Please make animal rights a priority for the United States!