Imagine if dog meat bans were overturned in states like New York and Georgia. If California's ban on cruel foie gras could were suddenly void. If hens were forced to live in filthy, disease-ridden battery cages in states where such confinement is now outlawed. And if puppy mills that sell sick, abused dogs became unstoppable.

This nightmarish scenario could be reality if we allow a terrible measure from Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) to pass. The deceptively titled Protect Interstate Commerce Act (HR 4879/HR 3599) would decimate state and local laws that protect animals, forcing everyone across the nation to allow sale of products borne from extreme animal cruelty. Don't let this devastating legislation pass!

Sign this petition to urge U.S. congressional leaders to oppose HR 4879/HR 3599, and instead focus on laws that protect animals, not harm them. Then, call your representative and state senators at (202) 224-3121 to respectfully tell them you are a concerned constituent and urge them to stand against this bill. Follow up with an email message.

This is the second time Rep. King has introduced such a bill. Activists defeated the bill the first time, and we can defeat it again!

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