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PETITION TARGET: Turkish Ambassador Serdar Kılıç

UPDATE: Sadly, the suspected criminal was kept in custody for eight days before being released due to lack of evidence on 26 June, two days after the Turkish elections. We are disappointed that Turkey failed animals on this case.


In a barbaric act of animal cruelty, a construction machine operator in Turkey allegedly butchered a puppy by chopping off its legs and tail and dumping the suffering animal in the woods.

Found mutilated in a forest in northwest Sakarya, the one-month-old puppy was rushed to an animal hospital, but sadly died during surgery as a result of the horrific injuries.

The brutality of this crime has shocked Turkey, and photos of the maimed dog are circulating nationwide — even reaching as far as the government, with President Erdogan vowing to strengthen animal rights laws. We must keep up the momentum and urge the Turkish government to follow through with this promise — so that this innocent puppy did not die in vain.

Sign the petition urging Turkish Ambassador Serdar Kılıç to push for stronger laws against animal cruelty, ensuring that crimes against animals receive appropriate penalties to deter such cases of animal torture from happening again.