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District Attorney General Washington County Kenneth Baldwin
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PETITION TARGET: Washington County District Attorney General Kenneth Baldwin

An 8-month-old bull terrier puppy died of starvation after spending five weeks at an Off-Leash K9 Training center. During his stay, he was deprived of food and water and suffered a slow, agonizing death at the hands of the trainer who was supposed to care for him.

The puppy, Dallas, was so emaciated that he had zero percent fat content by the time he died, an autopsy confirmed. He had absolutely no sign of any food in his intestinal tract and was severely dehydrated.

Dallas’ guardians, Susan and Brian Arnold, sent the adorable puppy to the Training Center in Johnson City, Tennessee in April. He was meant to stay for two weeks of intensive training.

However, trainer Andrew Hunigan delayed Dallas’ return week after week, reportedly telling the Arnolds they couldn’t visit the puppy as it would disrupt his training.

Finally, Hunigan called the couple to let them know Dallas had died, claiming the puppy had strangled himself trying to escape from his crate.

Yet, the shocking truth was obvious when the heartbroken couple picked up his body, which was nothing more than skin and bones.

Police charged Hunigan and his boss Randi LaFerney with aggravated animal cruelty, but both were released on a $10,000 bond.

Susan and Brian Arnold trusted the accused to care for their beloved dog; instead, Dallas was tortured and killed through outright cruelty. Both people responsible for his treatment must be prevented from caring for and hurting any more innocent animals in the future.

Sign the petition urging Washington County District Attorney General Baldwin to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law, and shut down their “training facility” for good.