Scientists Warn: Earth is Facing its 6th Mass Extinction

Scientists Warn: Earth is Facing its 6th Mass Extinction

In a recent study published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists are warning that the Earth may be facing its sixth mass extinction due to detrimental human activities.

To date, we have had five other extinctions of this caliber, during which a large number and wide variety of species rapidly perished. The distinguishing factor with the latest phenomenon is that the catastrophe is not being caused by natural causes (i.e. volcanic eruptions, meteor strikes), but by human-led activities such as deforestation, overpopulation, and pollution.Elephants are often killed to sell their tusks online in a lucrative ivory trade.

The study analyzed 27,600 vertebrae species, including a detailed analysis of 177 species of mammals. According to the research, 50% of the animal population has disappeared due to this disregard for the environment. Of the dwindling species worldwide, the mammals of South and Southeast Asia are among those most affected – more than 80% of their geographic range was lost. The study also found that those inhabiting the more temperate regions are losing species at equal or higher rates than those in the tropics.

Robin Naidoo of the World Wildlife Fund commented that these losses can have “cascading effects on vegetation and habitat” in ecological networks that depend on maintaining equilibrium between plants, animals, and microorganisms. As a result, researchers are calling the downfall a “biological annihilation.” One such ripple effect includes the vulnerability and overall decline of smaller populations left behind.

Photo Credit: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

Scientists point to a multitude of causes for this crisis, including invasive hunting/fishing, human population growth, and increased consumption. Due to the demands imposed on the environment by human needs, land and resources are being destroyed at a rapidly increasing rate. Unless change is enacted, the situation will only continue to deteriorate. Gerardo Ceballos, co-author of the study, warns (somewhat ironically), “What is at stake is really the state of humanity. All signs point to ever more powerful assaults on biodiversity in the next two decades, painting a dismal picture of the future of life, including human life.”

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  1. tj bolduc

    we humans are causing the destruction of our own planet, the only place where humans live. only us humans can save our planet from total destruction.

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  2. Lynn Marie Bailey

    Yeap. We are selfish, cruel, senseless, thoughtless towards each other, so, what chance has the rest of the species’ have. Mother Nature will turn again on us. Karma coming up on the inside!!!! WAKE. UP !!!!

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    if have to start saving our planet now if we want our grandchildren’s kids and grandchildren’s to have a livable planet we must start now by eating less meat, getting rid of plastic completely out of our lives, stop digging for fuel knowing it’s going to kill people and our planet, stop cutting down trees, for food that we don’t need, stop killing all of our animal and marine life species until they are all gone.

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  4. Thomas

    More of the same old “The Sky is falling! The Sky is Falling!” nonsense. I’m still waiting for the Ice Age that the expert “Scientists” predicted was just around the corner in the 70’s if we didn’t stop hunting and fishing and eating meat. Rubbish!

    And this time everything will get better if we just give more money to the bureaucrats for “Carbon Credits” so the Hollywood Elites and the News Media Elites and the Political Elites and George Soros can continue to rush around the world in their private jets to warn us that we’re living too good. Anybody who falls for this hoax has more money than brains.

    Snap out of it, America, you’re being lied to.

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    • David

      I’m certainly glad that you are vastly more knowledgeable than 98% of the climate scientists. I vote for science!

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      • Thomas

        Your “climate scientists” have an agenda, David, and it’s not about the climate.

        It’s about “CONTROL.”

        And you, poor soul, are under it.

        Don’t follow the herd and fall for their groupthink, David, don’t chant their mantras.

        Think for yourself, rationally.

        Come out from among them.

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  5. Barb G

    There are several companies that are working on the Nuclear Fusion Reactor that would create enough power to pretty much run the planet at very little cost to the consumer. It would supply power to every country cheaply including all of the third world, it would begin to help all of the over populated countries begin to help themselves. It would create a powerful engine that could be used in space craft that could make trips to Mars a walk in the park. It could also be used to really look for planets that could possibly be colonized by humans from earth. They are working on something I believe could possibly save mankind because we need to be able to take the load off this planet.

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    • linda

      all they are trying to do is to find out in life is livable on other planets so when they finally bring earth to its knees with no repair then go to another planet till they destroy that too. besides do you even think you would be on the ship pull your head out of the sand. not intending to be mean but lets face it its all about the money.

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  6. Pamela Bean

    The World is becoming seriously over- populated, forests, wild areas are being encroached on and destroyed. Our precious wildlife is being pushed out in favour of human greed and resources. As Darwin said when this happens the World has a way of regulating its numbers by disease, pestilence and natural disasters.
    If only we would become more caring about our planet, protecting wild spaces for our vital wildlife, we may possibly make the difference we need. Eco-systems for ALL creatures are vitally important from the top predators to the humble insects.. We are all linked and inter-dependent on one another. DO NO HARM should be everybody’s watch word and what a better place the World would be!

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  7. Jill Nightingale

    Veganism is the future, when humans stop eating animals the earth will renew itself and we will stop cutting down the rainforest, etc…wars will end, and we will live longer…Go vegan to save yourself, your health, the animals and the earth. Eating animals contributes to wasting all our resources on growing meat. Water, land trees all wasted to grow meat to kill and eat animals and become unhealthy from it. Eating a plant based diet is healthy for us, the animals and the planet,

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  8. Rob

    We are living in a time right now just before a major cataclismic event will take place. We humans have pretty much already destroyed the earth, its creatures and most of its resources. It is only a matter of time for total collapse! Perhaps the sooner, the better! Humans have always destroyed everything. We are a disease!!! I cannot see this changing! Unless by some divine intervention……..

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    • Thomas

      I agree with one thing you said, Rob.

      We need Divine Intervention.

      And it’s coming.

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