Sale of Puppy Mill Dogs Now Banned in 250 Places in the U.S.

Sale of Puppy Mill Dogs Now Banned in 250 Places in the U.S.

The city of Poulsbo, Washington, has joined hundreds of other places in America that have banned the sale of puppy mill dogs and cats in pet stores. That brings the total number of towns, cities, counties and even states who now forbid the cruel practice to 250. Progress is happening!

By banning the public sale of animals sourced from mass-breeding facilities, authorities hope to decrease the number of animals euthanized at shelters every year and reduce the problem of cruel conditions witnessed at puppy mills throughout the country. “By closing the markets for the sale of dogs from puppy mills,” The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) says, “the law redirects consumers to shelters and rescues.”

It’s not only smaller towns and cities that are standing up against the inhumane practices of mass animal breeding. In October, California made headlines by becoming the first state to ban puppy mills; requiring that dogs, cats and rabbits must come from shelters and rescue facilities.

It is a sad fact that an estimated 1.2 million dogs are euthanized by shelters every year, due to their inability to find homes for these animals. Yet more than two million puppies are bred in puppy mills every year. It’s easy to see that by eliminating puppy mills and adopting animals from rescue centres instead, proactive cities and states can quickly turn these shocking statistics around.

Legally, to sell animals to a pet shop, a breeder is required to have a license. However, many breeders and pet shops flout this law. Even those dealers licensed by the USDA are only required to meet the minimum standards of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). These standards are not the optimal animal welfare standards: dealers can still house animals stacked in tiny stacked cages for their whole lives, with no exercise or human interaction.

The problems with puppy mills are well documented by the HSUS and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA.) Reports compiled over the last few years document the inhumane living conditions at many of the 100,000 puppy mills currently in operation in the U.S.

You can ensure that you don’t support the cruel practice of puppy mills by adopting animals from shelters or rescue centres; seeking out independent breeders who are proven to care about animal welfare; or supporting only pet shops that have humane policies in place, such as those that have signed the Humane Society of the United States’ Puppy Friendly Pet Store Pledge.

The Humane Society offers a free downloadable advocacy guide to help you take action on these issues in your local community.

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  1. Arnord

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    100% CHINESE BLOOD. We deliver to any location also your doorstep if needed. for other dogs email [email protected] for all details. We also deliver to outside the US.

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  2. Kim

    I think all pet stores need closed down, that would help end puppy mills. Puppy Mills are breading grounds for cruelty , abuse and death of dogs. I wish all pet stores were held accountable for what they do to these poor animals.

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  3. Martha

    As I have attended many PUPPLY MILL PROTEST, I always wondered what happens to the doggies that get left behind…after the stores are closed down????

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  4. Leanne

    250 cities and states that’s gr8 but let’s eradicate pupply mills altogether by buying puppies from shelters, other rescue centers and repudable breeders and pet stores.

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  5. Kylie T

    Progress is happening and that’s AMAZING!

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  6. Barbara Rowe

    All we can do is keep praying that all theses places get shut down!!!
    We need to protect all God’s animals!!

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  7. susana reyes

    Una exelente idea haber si terminan con tanta matanza y abandono las personas deben entender que son seres vivos y que no tienen derecho Dañarlos son seres vivos y tienen derechos como todo lo que existe en este planeta y espero que el mundo entero endienda tambien y los respecten

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  8. Barbara Rowe

    I’m so happy their putting a STOP to these puppy mills

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  9. April M

    Thank God! And thank all those who fight so hard to keep the pressure on! This is just one more step in the right direction but can make such a difference for so very, very many animals!

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  10. Gyselinck

    Enfin la vente des chiots maintenant banis dand 250 endroits aux états unis

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  11. Laura

    I Thank You all for the sweet comments, but that is just a reminder of the conditions 1,000’s of these poor babies have to live in and the horrific suffering endured! Please encourage everyone you know and even more to join this fight to help save the ones still suffering everyday! Thank You and Prayers for all those babies still waiting for their Angels/Hero’s :'(

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  12. Sherry

    Fantastic news and needs to go nationwide. Such a hideously cruel industry that cannot be tolerated.

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    • Gail

      Hey….is this the Terry Wilson I know?. Gail Mason

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  13. Laura

    I have a Doxie that I adopted right off a transport I was helping with! She was 7-8 yrs old 2 days out of Puppy Mill she weighed just under 4lbs(skin and bone) she had an under developed bottom jaw which caused ulcers and infection that had ate into her nasal passage! We knew she would not complete the transport I told them “She Is Home”! I immediately took her to my vet we started her on many medications got some weight on her then she was in for surgery on her mouth to close the whole in her nasal passage! During that time we also found her bottom jaw had also been broken never treated and was unable to heal properly as the jaw bone was extremely thin! A wire was placed to hold it in place in attempt to heal, 2months later removed the jaw came apart so she now has a permanent wire! She is now 15-16yrs and still thriving 🙂 Her kept name was Star I gave her the name Destiny because that day it was her Destiny that she found me <3

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    • Barbara Dominguez

      You are an Amazing person

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    • B. Maurene White

      Wonderful, what a great save!

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