Severely Abused Pit Bull Puppies Cling Together for Comfort in ER Waiting Room

Severely Abused Pit Bull Puppies Cling Together for Comfort in ER Waiting Room

Three pit bulls just 4 months old were seized and handed over to the The Washington Animal Rescue League last month in Washington, DC. This morning, their owner, Brenda Bullock, was arrested on three counts of animal cruelty.

The above images show the deteriorated state of the dogs, who were weak and suffered from severe mange. The three dogs — named Chase, Klondike and Haagen Dazs — had to be neglected for months to show such drastic health issues, according to veterinarians. Thankfully the puppies were rushed to emergency veterinary care after their rescue, where Klondike and Haagen Dazs clung together on the waiting room chair to comfort one another.

Chase was in the worst shape of the three puppies, and stayed in the hospital for 12 days.

chase the pit bull recovering in er

Chase recovering at Dogs And Cats Veterinary Referral & ER.

From the Washington Animal Rescue League’s Facebook page: “Chase was found…to be suffering from demodectic mange over his entire body with a massive secondary skin infection. He was also emaciated, dehydrated, hypoglycemic (low blood sugar), hypothermic (low body temperature), anemic, hypoalbuminemic (low blood protein) and very weak – unable to walk under his own power for well over the first week at the hospital.”

Thankfully, an arrest has been made — in far too many animal abuse cases, charges are never filed. Hopefully the court will recognize the severity of this crime, which nearly destroyed three lives.

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  1. Sandra

    Thanks for the article on the abused pit bulls in Washington, DC. I would have appreciated more information though on the outcome of the puppies after their stay in the hospital. What happened to Chase after the hospital and what happened to the other two puppies? The article brings you in to the story – but leaves you hanging as to the status of these sweet puppies. Did they all survive? Are they in a foster home, an animal shelter ? Thank you.

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    • Linda

      I’m agreeing and restating what Sandra has asked… please reply. What has happened to all three pups…. Thank YOU.

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  2. Aurora madrigal

    I also would like an update on the puppies and the sub human case.
    Thank you

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