A stray black and white dog was rescued after he found himself stuck on a bridge over the Antioch, California canal — and is now safely awaiting adoption alongside his twin brother, as reported by KRON4 News.

When rescuers found the dog, now named Billy, he was wedged between a metal beam and concrete in the bridge’s structure. Animal control officers carefully secured Billy using a dog-catcher pole and brought him to safety without injury and without falling into the water. 

Skittish Billy was happily reunited with his brother, who rescuers call Aukia, who had been running loose with Billy until he was caught by a concerned citizen. However, Billy was harder to catch.

Billy had been seen running loose around the area for about two weeks, darting away from anyone who tried to get near him. Someone even reported Billy was trapped inside local park’s trash container, but he was freed and back on the loose before animal control arrived.

Antioch Animal Services shared pictures and videos of Billy and Aukia happily romping around together while awaiting adoption.

Scruffy rescued dogs at shelter

Aukia (left) & Billy (right) Reunited (Courtesy of Antioch Animal Services)

Lady Freethinker commends Antioch Animal Services and the area citizens who helped rescue these two adorable brothers.

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