Publix Drops Milk Provider After Shocking Footage Reveals Cows Beaten By Workers

Publix Drops Milk Provider After Shocking Footage Reveals Cows Beaten By Workers

After footage was released showing cows being beaten with metal rods and kicked repeatedly by workers at Larson Dairy Farm in Florida, the farm, located in Okeechobee, is under criminal investigation by Sheriff’s officials.

The disturbing video shows multiple episodes of employees blatantly and repeatedly tormenting the dairy cows.

Larson Dairy Farm was a milk supplier for Publix Super Markets, who has suspended deliveries from the farm upon the release of the video.

 [vimeo 241969208 w=640 h=360]

The footage was captured by an undercover investigator for Animal Recovery Mission (ARM), who began working at the farm in August of this year in order to shed light on the horrific abuses that go on within the dairy industry.

“Through this investigation, it is clear that the workers on the Larson farm have an unwavering and deep hatred for the dairy cows and the beatings relay an inferior respect of the animals’ welfare and rights to life,” states ARM in a report.

Jacob Larson, owner an operator of Larson Dairy Farm, claimed to be “appalled” by the violence his employees inflicted upon the cows, and reportedly fired one and suspended others.

“We have strict protocols involving animal care and clearly the behavior shown in this video goes against everything we stand for and will not be tolerated,” Larson said in a statement.

However, according to ARM investigators, Larson himself was seen ignoring —  and even encouraging —  the abuse.

We are bombarded with images of “happy” dairy cows, whom we imagine enjoying life on big farms with open spaces and lots of love.

Unfortunately, this is far from the horrific reality that most dairy cows endure every day. Confined in cramped cages and milked 3 times daily, they experience stress, trauma, and abuse constantly. They are forcibly impregnated, and once they give birth, their babes are stripped away from them to either be slaughtered for veal or to be pumped full of hormones and later used for dairy. While a cow’s natural lifespan is between 18-25 years, dairy cows live a painful life of just 4-5 years before they are sent to slaughter because they can no longer produce milk.

While we like to picture peaceful fields with loving farmers, we can no longer ignore the truth behind the inhumane dairy industry. Countless videos, documentaries, and now even criminal investigations are revealing the disturbing facts.

Luckily, the nondairy milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream industries are skyrocketing in popularity. In the past five years, almond milk alone has seen profit increases of over 250 percent, while the total milk market in general saw a drop in profits by around $1 billion.

With plenty of plant-based options to soothe your creamy cravings, there is no reason to support the cruel dairy industry any longer.

Numerous studies show why we should give up dairy for our health, too. Because we are not baby cows meant to grow into 2,000 pound creatures, our bodies are not intended to drink cow’s milk. It is linked to cancer, raises cholesterol, causes acne, and leads to bone loss.

There are many reasons to ditch dairy, for the animals and for our own health. Justice is finally being served to Larson Dairy Farm for its horrible treatment of innocent animals, and hopefully eyes will be opened to the unethical, inhumane practices rampant throughout the industry.


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  1. Noeleen

    How could they, and how dare they! I hope someone one day does the same to them. My blood is boiling! [email protected]
    Thank you Publix for doing the right thing.

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  2. Chris Blewitt

    I hope they will be put out of business and punished for the disgusting animal abuse !

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  3. Jill

    I will never understand how a human can torture and hurt animals it’s beyond my understanding.
    How do these people live with themselves, why do they do it, but on the other hand I might enjoy watching the people who do it being tortured, or knowing they were getting the same treatment they were doing to the animals in their care.

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  4. Dayle L Peters

    Thank you Publix. Now be a leader and go one step further. Do not purchase or distribute milk products. Please be a shining light for these innocent creatures. We can be so evil for a dollar.

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  5. kaylynn Splettstosser

    No excuse. All of the employees need to be hung by their balls.

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  6. danette

    I have heard that some of the drivers of cows purposely break there legs and drag them to slaughter. A friend whose partner was a truckdriver told the worst stories about a driver for one of the less popular fast food places. I haven’t eaten there since then and do not plan to

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  7. Amanda

    Despicable cruelty name and shame!!

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  8. Andrew Waterfield

    I would love to meet that moron kicking a cow karate style I would love to show him a real karate kick but he wouldn’t recover he should be thrown in arms and legs tied and let the cows trample on him and kick him that would be fun to watch

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  9. M Y

    Stop abusing and torture animals, be a human

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  10. M.M.

    I hope every one of those workers, along with the owner of the dairy who allows this to happen, is tried, found guilty and rots in jail for the rest of their lives…receiving the same treatment there that they inflicted on these poor cows. I dairy farmed for 17 years, and adore these intelligent, loving creatures. They were always treated with gentleness and respect and loved coming in for milking and visiting with their calves. They stayed in a comfortably warm barn in winter…going out on sunny days to visit with their friends and take in some sunshine. Their stalls were cleaned three times a day and bedded with soft, chopped straw, and they were brushed every couple of days so they stayed clean and comfortable. I love these animals, and it sickens me that anyone who would abuse an animal…any animal… in this way walks the streets. It makes me wonder how they treat their wives and children. There’s something critically wrong with a human that abuses another living creature like this.

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    • Judy Germain

      Great posting. The way you described your farm is the way it used to be. What has happened to humans – seems to me these people are sociopaths -no longer human to beat these beautiful gentle animals!

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  11. Judy Germain

    This is horrific!! These are docile animals and it is equivalent to beating a human child – innocent beings. I hope those who abuse animals (and or humans) rot in hell. I have seen other videos of dairy farm abuse and we not longer drink milk. Thank God for ARM who reported this abuse and good for Publix for dropping this vendor.

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  12. Robert Raskey

    Sick, we’ve seen too much of this B.S. and cruelty, stopped using dairy products over three ago and keep trying to recruit others to do the same.

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  13. Kim Agelis

    This is sickening…. I would beat the living shit out of every worker at that plant. Sick, Evil fucks. Anyone that can abuse, neglect or kill an animal should have the same thing done to them and I’d be first in line to provide the punishment. These poor, beautiful, innocent cows. they didn’t ask for this life…. they should be free roaming beautiful, safe fields, loving life. That is the life they deserve… not this horror that they are living. Punish these Mother Fuckers, this is the only way these innocent animals can be safe. I am so sick and tired of this shit… how the fuck can the Law protect the killer and punish the victim. This NEEDS TO END NOW!!!!!!! I am sick and heart broken over this.

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    • Amanda

      It breaks my heart and makes me cry to see innocent docile defenseless animals such as these being deliberately mistreated and punished for no reason! These poor cows have no choice but to endure this brutality, they don’t want the miserable existence they have to endure, made worse still by sick sadistic bastards who get their kicks out of inflicting pain on innocent animals, i pray karma pays them a visit and that the owners of this plant deal with their employees accordingly! NAME AND SHAME!!

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  14. Bev

    Exactly right about AG-GAG laws! NEVER LET ONE PASS IN YOUR STATE! These undercover investigations are the only ones that we, the public, get to see that shows what really goes on in factory farming! I didn’t see Jacob Larson showing us these atrocities that are taking place at his dairy! If they ever try to pass an AG=GAG law in your state, make sure you GET EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO SPEAK UP AGAINST A LAW LIKE THAT! If laws like those pass, there is nothing that will stop these abusers or protect the livestock being abused.

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  15. carrie

    why why.workers need mental help . should be arrested for animal abuse

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  16. Judy Germain

    Totally agree. And we the people have to speak out and demand justice for these innocent animals.
    Mercy for Animals is a great charity that also goes after this evil farm animal abusers – check them out. Warning some of their undercover videos are painful to watch.

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  17. Claire Cherrington

    These horrible people should be put in prison, and the poor cows should be taken somewhere nice to be taken care of, more milk and farming places should be looked at more closely too, to prevent this happening again. I’m so discussed and upset.

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  18. Diane Shea-Mott

    Almost all animals are capable of love and affection. This is just cruel and inhumane treatment of animals. Anyone caught treating animals badly should be fired and do a little time in jail. They also should never be allowed to work with animals or even be around them again.

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  19. linda

    Hopefully some of these animals will get a little bit of humane treatment punishment and for the owner to say he did not know about the abuse that would have to be a down outright lie. What do you think that people have stupid written across their forehead glad those workers were fired at least some justice was served but not enough.

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  20. Irene Leggett

    Its ‘funny’ that the so-called owners of such hell-hole dairy farms ALWAYS plead ignorance to the rampant abuse, torture and torment being ‘dished out’ to the cattle and calves by their own staff. Its obvious that they DEFINITELY know this goes on but just carry on ignoring it until the brutal cruelty is shown for all the world to see. Shame these owners didn’t bother to look for themselves, they’re only sorry when they get caught. These workers are not men, they are nothing but glorified, perverted, depraved thugs, lets hope they’re all arrested and thrown into jail and left to rot there.

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  21. Phyl


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