A sweet pit bull found abandoned and paralyzed on a set of railroad tracks has survived surgery and landed a loving forever home with one of the women who helped him recuperate.

Officials have said that the pup, who has now been named Lucky, had been abandoned for about two days before rescuers discovered him with a severed spine — likely from getting hit by a train.  Lucky underwent surgery that involved two plates and $18,000 of veterinary care. Despite that intensive treatment, veterinarians initially weren’t sure if the sweet dog would ever be able to walk again.

But today, aided by a canine wheelchair, Lucky is shaking toys, running through fields of green grass, and cuddling with both his people and his newfound canine siblings, according to newly released videos from Philly Rescue Angels Inc, the rescue that cared for him, and his new adopter Sidara Son.


So it is with great pride and pleasure that I finally announce that lucky is furever mine. Rescued from the train tracks where he was stranded for two days almost losing his life and going through all the trials and tribulations life tossed at him, he is finally home sweet home with me where he belongs. Being a rescuer myself I understand the hardship all rescues go through and I’m so blessed to have had 2 by my side to make this day possible. Without our team @phillyrescueangelsinc and the dedication to fight for luckys life and going against the odds he wouldn’t be alive today and thanks to his foster Kim and Jen from @tiny.paws.rescue for stepping up and taking lucky under their wings, for the sake of the animals it’s a beautiful thing to see 2 rescues working together to save his life and ensure his safety. Let’s all celebrate together in this victory cause together anything is possible and love equals life. Thank you everyone for having that love in your hearts to give lucky a second chance at life.#rescuedog #phillydog #dogsofttiktok #hesingoodhands #rescueanimals #doglover #luckytobealive #rescued #fyp #foryoupage #phillyrescueangels #luckyprai

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Philly Rescue Angels Inc. said Lucky’s journey back to health was a long road — he required bladder expression and bowel assistance four times a day while he was recuperating — as was his adoption process. 

When Lucky’s story went viral back in December, hundreds of people stepped up and offered to adopt him, the rescue said.  But once the rescue posted about the extent of Lucky’s injuries, and his ongoing veterinary needs, many of those adopters “ghosted,” the rescue said in an online post.

That’s when Son, who had helped with Lucky’s recovery, gone to his vet appointments, and stayed in close contact with his fosters, stepped up.

“Since the moment I (laid) eyes on Lucky, I wasn’t giving up on him, no matter what!” Son wrote in a Facebook post. “I have been there for Lucky since day one, at the tracks, and have continued to personally care for him.”

Son said Lucky has settled in perfectly with her family and her other dogs, finding “security in the pack” and “learning to ‘be a dog’.”

“Let’s all celebrate together in this victory cause anything is possible and love equals life,” Son wrote in a TikTok video showing a very hyper Lucky. “Thank you everyone for having that love in your hearts to give Lucky a second chance at life.” 

Lucky with adopter

(Courtesy of Philly Rescue Angels Inc.)

The rescue said Lucky has overcome his abuse and “will live a beautiful life now.” 

“He has brothers & sisters that he is so happy with, & truly found the best home,” the rescue posted on Instagram. “Now he is where he belongs.”

Philly Rescue Angels Inc. announced in the online post that they will financially cover Lucky’s medical expenses for the rest of his life — which involves monthly medical care and prescriptions — since his needs far exceed those of a typical companion dog. 

We thank the caring rescuers, fosters, and veterinarians for all they’ve done for Lucky — and we also thank the more than 38,000 people who have signed our petition urging authorities to treat this case with the severity it deserves.  

Lady Freethinker has media inquiries out to the authorities responsible for investigating this act of cruel animal abandonment. So far, we’ve not yet received any updates about whether officers have found the person(s) responsible, but we’ll keep watching this case and publish updates as soon as we have them.


Lucky (Courtesy of Philly Rescue Angels Inc.)