SIGN: Shut Down Sickening Contest that Rewards Trophy Hunting of Cats

SIGN: Shut Down Sickening Contest that Rewards Trophy Hunting of Cats

In a shockingly callous display of cruelty, a New Zealand resident has started a hunting contest that rewards participants for killing cats. This sick individual has even created a video of dead cats being measured for points.

The so-called Morgan Score web page bills itself as the "first trophy scoring system for Wild Cats [sic]," and justifies the wanton killing of these animals by describing them as "a destructive menace in the New Zealand outdoors." While New Zealand should indeed take humane steps to control the feral cat population, this is nothing more than bloodlust, thinly masked as environmentalism.

Rewarding the public for shooting down cats is not only cruel, but poses a danger to the entire community. Furthermore, it is often impossible to discern a "wild" cat from a human's companion animal who happens to be outside. Both people and pets are at risk of being shot.

Sign this petition urging the government of New Zealand to shut down the Morgan Score website -- which directly incites cruelty and violence -- and ensure that this horrifying contest is stopped for good.

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  1. Steph

    @MikeD More Rubbish from Mike. No they did not film that and you know it. Go check out the actual research from DOC. That is just you back pedalling because you have been caught out.

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  2. MikeD

    @Steph putting your hands over your ears, closing your eyes and shouting “LALALALALALA!” doesn’t actually make the evidence go away, and it doesn’t alter the facts. The facts don’t care about your hurty feelings.


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  3. Kid Me

    Hi Animal Advocate! I see you’ve been biding your time for several days now, working up your courage and putting your tiny brain to work to hit me with a real zinger!

    It’s actually really creepy that you stalk me like this, you’re a very sad puppy and should try and make a friend in real life *

    * Real life is what happens when you’re not frothing at your keyboard, trying to save all the kitties with your worthless “petition” that will achieve nothing. In fact, it’s already helped us to spread the word far and wide about these merciless killer cats, that are getting exactly what they need. A bullet to the head.

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    • Alexander kerr

      No need to feel sorry for me Mike boy I’m aware my cat purrs out of pleasure but they don’t kill for pleasure. Cats love movement and will play for hours with anything that moves be it living or a toy. And its that movement that you see when you see your cats with crickets, mice..natives, ….as for the big words I didn’t have the time to google them first like you clearly did. And care little for that pretentious rubbish anyway. How far away is the Mensa application?
      What I do have time to see clearly, disturbingly, is that you’re enjoying being on here insulting people and making light of their values. I can’t help but feel that your need here is not to convince anyone about the supposed need to shoot ferals ( in spite of the odd hysterical rant about how once theyre gone, theyre gone for good..) but rather to somehow feel important, and have power over someone.
      And in the time you’ve been on here you could have been to see the girlfriend, gone out with the mates to play indoor cricket or a number of other things and the fact that you haven’t, kind of points to maybe not having those options? You want to get a little kindness in your life. The same idiots that are planning to kill ferals are killing hedgehogs ( when I was a kid you nursed them if they were injured ), deer, possums, all bloody nice little animals and teaching the nation to kill them is killing the kindness that was around before. Theres no point trying to save anything if you lose that. Anyway Im off to job number two so have a good one

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  4. MikeD

    Well Al, I couldn’t begin to hazard a guess as to what you’re doing, but are you seriously suggesting that cats don’t get pleasure from hunting and playing with, and tormenting defenceless creatures, just for shits and giggles?

    I guess your cats never played with crickets or cicadas, or birds or mice – even though they are well fed and have no need of these creatures for food? I guess your cats have never purred to show their pleasure? I feel sorry for them, as I do for you.

    PS full marks for attempting another big word, but sadly (yet predictably) another fail. The word you’re looking for is “anthropomorphism” not “anthromorphism”.

    #KnowYourLimits #AnotherFail

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  5. Steph

    MikeD .Where is your independent academic research to prove anything you have said on here. You haven’t provided any. You go to the DOC website it is your google friend. Or you are listening to the mentally challenged people who started this. They must be so upset now that NZ hunters don’t even support them. No wonder you are singing to yourself.

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  6. MkDie

    @Steph I’ve pointed you to some of the overwhelming evidence. Where’s yours? Putting your hands over your ears and shouting la-la-la doesn’t make that evidence go away, and since you have none to counter it (sorry, frothing doesn’t count as actual evidence) your argument holds as much water as a sieve.

    The only mentally challenged people are the frothing batshit crazy cat ladies on this site, such as you. I don’t even know why you bother – the law is not on your side and nobody cares about feral cats that destroy native wildlife. Whether you have hurty feelings or not, these predatory pests will continue to be humanely destroyed with a bullet to the head. There is NOTHING you can do about it, but go ahead and keep on virtue-signalling to your fellow cat ladies. I’m sure it means a lot to them. It means nothing to me.

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  7. MikeD

    @Alex you can say that as much as you like, but you have no evidence for it. The fact that NZ universities may not have done studies in no way negates the very close correlation between NZ and Australian fauna. Yes there are differences but the similarities are much greater, and the evidence is overwhelming.

    I get the strong feeling that 50 peer-reviewed, independent studies all presenting the same data, analysis and conclusions, presented by Sir David Attenborough in person would not satisfy you or Steph that feral cats are in fact predatory pests, which they are.

    Since that’s the case, I will finally leave you to your echo-chamber and all I can do is sincerely hope you get help for whatever condition causes you to be wilfully blind to overwhelming evidence.

    It’s been fun!

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    • Alexander kerr

      You might be surprised about what Sir David Attonborough says about the predator prey relationship Mike.
      Think you missed the point. Cats prefer to hunt exactly what Australia is trying to protect and we are trying to kill. I think that makes ferals a threat over there and a help over here.
      That’s kinda different
      But as I’ve said all along its the way we deal with animals that define us. If we want to be a humane civilised society then we need humane civilised solutions
      If youre really going its been different

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  8. Steph

    Mike D Where is this independent academic research perhaps it is so overwhelming it is invisible? Or is it that you are so limited to DOC website that it is unavailable. No mentally challenged cat people on here in fact they are very popular with over 21,000 people supporting this petition but on the Wild Facebook page they have only 11 supporters. Simple fact New Zealanders do not support this.

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  9. Greg Hendridks

    Fucking asshole. Kill that bastard right now! We will arrange a posse and exterminate this motherfucker.

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  10. ByeBye

    @Steph I posted it, and you say “where is it then?” Open your eyes and your mind.

    “No mentally challenged people on here”? Try your fellow-retard Greg Hendrick’s comment just now: “Fucking asshole. Kill that bastard right now! We will arrange a posse and exterminate this motherfucker.”

    Yes, that seems a mature, reasoned, sane response from someone that definitely doesn’t have a small penis and Mommy issues.

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  11. Elizabeth

    How boring to come out with “crazy cat lady, what a done to death cliché. I prefer cats to human shite like you anyday.

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  12. Moira Monaghan

    This evil criminal should be sentenced to death it does not deserve to breath the same air as descent human beings I hope he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law .

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  13. ByeBye

    @Moira @Elizabeth yes well perhaps you BATSHIT CRAZY cat ladies should understand that the law is 100% on the side of humane destruction of predatory feral cats, which are pests.

    Sorry to be boring, and use cliches, but you are batshit crazy cat ladies. I call it as I see it.

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    • Alexander kerr

      Liking cats and loving your own is no different to liking dogs and loving your own. So there’s bat shit crazy dog ladies ( and guys ) out there too. But are they bat shit crazy? Or just kind caring people?
      Caring about other animals ( that could have been your own ) and indeed animals that live wild is just an extension of that caring.
      And of course the recognition that these animals are all sentient, they think, they fear, they raise their young and just because YOU devalue them ( who the hell are you ) does not mean they have no value.
      I think you are a bat shit crazy bird person. Or a bat shit crazy skink person.
      The only difference between us I value both – birds and cats and others. Lives that you had no hand in making, lives that were made by the same force that made you, they are not yours to devalue. Your lack of compassion or care says little about cats, feral or otherwise, but it says heaps about you.
      It tell us that should some third party come along and say this group is bad or that group is bad, you’re gullible enough to just run with it and capable of killing
      I prefer people that are loathe to kill. That think kindness and care is the proper way to live.

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  14. HereWeGoAgain

    @Alexander yes there are many kind, caring people on this site. Just a few instances of their brotherly love and shining example to others:

    “the people who do this need murdering”

    “This evil criminal should be sentenced to death it does not deserve to breath the same air as descent human beings”

    “Fucking asshole. Kill that bastard right now! We will arrange a posse and exterminate this motherfucker.

    I’m sure these people are simply misunderstood, and not batshit crazy at all, and in fact they “think kindness and care is the proper way to live.”

    Stay classy, people, you’re doing your cause no end of good by your rational, sane, legal and above all kind and caring comments.

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