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PETITION TARGET: Spanish Ambassador Pedro Morenés

One of Spain’s most famous bullfighters, Juan Jose Padilla — a.k.a. the ‘Pirate Master’ — has just retired from the sadistic ‘sport’ of bullfighting after being scalped by a bull.

But as dangerous as bullfighting is for matadors, it is pure torture for the bulls forced into the ring to face mutilation and death. Let this retirement be a wakeup call: It’s time for Spain to finally end this cruel bloodsport, where innocent bulls are taunted, stabbed and speared until they collapse in agony.

An estimated 10,000 bulls are brutally killed every year in Spanish bullfighting arenas. The cruelty must end.

Even before the fight, bulls are inhumanely treated – food and water is often withheld to weaken them, or the tops of their horns are hacked off to expose the nerve, affecting their coordination. One study showed that up to 20% of bulls are drugged before entering the ring.

Bullfighting is not a sport; it is extreme animal abuse under the guise of tradition. And most Spanish citizens do not support it anymore.

Sign this petition urging Pedro Morenés, Spanish Ambassador to the US, to call for a ban on bullfighting, ending this cruel blood sport for good.

bleeding bull bullfight