Cruelty-free clothing from Viva La Vegan Apparel is bright, colorful, cute and 100% animal-friendly.

The emerging fashion brand thinks of “VEGAN” as “Value Everything Grown and Natural.”

The bold and unique tees, joggers, hats, and even baby clothes offer eye-catching alternatives to traditionally made garments that may involve animal exploitation. Through its apparel, the Viva La Vegan team hopes to encourage all people to make conscious clothing choices.

“As individuals, we have the unique opportunity to make a powerful statement each and every time we get dressed,” founder and CEO Nicholle Savoy told Lady Freethinker. “We created Viva La Vegan Apparel because we wanted to offer the public a fashion-forward lifestyle brand that encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to ‘Value Everything Grown and Natural.'”

The fall line features more than five new items, as the popularity and growth of Viva La Vegan continue to pleasantly surprise its founders.

“People literally stop me on the street when I’m wearing one of our tees or hoodies and immediately want to know where they can get one too,” said Savoy. “It’s been a magical experience seeing Viva La Vegan come to life and bring so many smiles.”

Though several major brands have moved away from fur, much of the fashion industry still uses wool, leather, and snakeskin, which involve needless animal cruelty. Animals used for these products suffer in dismal, cramped living conditions before production workers kill the animals for their skins and coats. Many animals are even skinned alive.

As more consumers opt for animal-free clothing, the fashion industry will hear loud and clear that animal cruelty is not cute. And with the growing success of brands like Viva La Vegan, cruelty free fashion is more “in” than ever.