A new investigation and documentary from BBC World Service exposes a global monkey torture ring in which baby macaques are being abused and killed on camera. The investigation started over a year ago when BBC reporter Rebecca Henschke began looking into the horrific videos, which appeared to be purchased by US and UK residents from Indonesian video operators (VOs). The videos were uploaded to YouTube and other platforms for the entertainment of sadists across the globe, who found pleasure in watching the torture. 

Read the full BBC report, “Hunting the monkey torturers,” here.

Watch the documentary, “Saving Mini: Inside the global network torturing baby monkeys,” here. 

Lady Freethinker Founder and President Nina Jackel appeared on BBC News recently to comment.


Lady Freethinker, together with Action for Primates, provided information and intelligence to the BBC and has been investigating cruelty to baby monkeys online for the past two years.

In 2021, LFT and AfP published a report to expose the horrific violence happening to baby monkeys online, including the animals having their fingers and ears cut off, being set on fire, and drowning, and more.

The report highlights how  YouTube and Facebook users were working with people in Indonesia to facilitate monkey torture videos through private online platforms, including Telegram, in a group called Milliontears. An anonymous source shared videos and screenshots of chats from group members, who claim to have paid for macaques to be abused, tortured, and killed on camera.

It’s crucial that the individuals responsible for this unimaginable violence toward animals are prosecuted. Lady Freethinker is thankful there has been at least one US citizen who has charges filed against him and hopes soon there will be many more.

LFT is also calling on social media platforms to take immediate action to stop videos showing brutal violence towards macaques and other animals from circulating and being posted. 

“We need social media platforms to immediately find and remove this content and stop it from appearing in the first place,” said Jackel. “We watched this group on YouTube form in front of our eyes and escalate into private groups by inviting other members of the YouTube community.” 

If you have not already signed our petition urging YouTube to do more to stop animal cruelty videos from spreading on their platforms, please take action today and share it with your friends and family.

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