A tiny chihuahua puppy is being called the “Miracle Dog” by carers after a lucky escape from a hawk last week in Texas.

Veterinarian Lindsay Riddick, who tended to the pup after his hair-raising ordeal, tells how construction workers in Austin, Texas suddenly heard the terrified cries of a small puppy. When they went in search of the dog, the one-pound Chihuahua dropped from the skies, landing at their feet; looking up, they witnessed a hawk flying away.

The workers took the shaken puppy to a clinic in Red Rock, where he was given the all-clear before being transferred to the Austin Animal Center. Amazingly, the lucky canine escaped almost unscathed, barring a few puncture wounds from the hawk’s talons.

“This teeny tiny guy was picked up by a hawk and then subsequently dropped from mid-air,” wrote the Austin Animal Center on their Facebook page. “It’s a miracle that he not only survived but that the wounds on his head and chest are fairly mild.”

Experienced fosterer Renee Keyes is now caring for this mini miracle, nicknamed “Tony Hawk.” In four weeks, he will be ready to find his forever home.

While birds of prey like hawks, eagles, and even owls tend to target smaller snacks such as rodents, insects, and fish, they will opportunistically prey upon any small animal, including your beloved cats and dogs. Toy dog breed, puppies, and cats are most at risk of being swiped in rural areas.

If you have a smaller breed of dog and are concerned about your pet becoming a lunchtime snack for a feathered predator, make sure you remain outside to supervise your pet if they are roaming free. A roofed enclosure or caged run is a good option if you’d prefer to give them some unsupervised outdoor time.