Meet Biscuit and Rose, a Chihuahua and chicken duo who live together and are best friends!

Like many pals, the two don’t always get along — Biscuit sometimes gets quite bossy with Rose — but they are still best buddies at the end of the day and do pretty much everything together.

When she was first adopted, Rose was terrified. She’d been rescued from a cruel religious ritual known as Kaporos. This is a Jewish atonement ritual practiced by some on the eve of Yom Kippur, during which a chicken is painfully swung around a person’s head and needlessly slaughtered (though most Jewish people do not participate in this, and many strongly protest it). Once Rose knew she was in safe hands, she became comfortable in her new home.

Biscuit, who was adopted next, was abandoned in the bathroom of a Manhattan grocery store.

The family happy has grown and now consists of four chickens and three dogs. Biscuit loves his dog friends, but somehow fits in better with the chickens and has become their unofficial leader!

Watch this video to enjoy their unusual and special bond.