Sabinyo was one of 21 dogs rescued by the Lady Freethinker investigative team and local police in late July from the property of a known dog fighter and illegal breeder in Chile.

Sabinyo was found chained near rocks, without shelter, food, or water. He suffered from the telltale wounds and scarring of dogfighting.

But despite his circumstances, Sabinyo’s spirit could not be dampened.

On the day police raided the property, he greeted his rescuers with a sweet disposition and a very impressionable one-toothed smile.

Not only is Sabinyo now free from harm and always smiling, but he’s quickly chosen his favorite spot to cuddle – the laundry!

In fact, Sabinyo got his name from one of our investigators. She recalls helping to name Sabinyo after he was rehomed with his forever family:

“I fell in love with this dog the moment I saw him and haven’t stopped thinking about his little one-toothed smile, so I suggested the name, “Sabinyo,” after a mountain I hiked in Uganda called Mount Sabinyo.

Sabinyo is derived from the Kinyarwanda word for ‘tooth’, and the locals lovingly nicknamed the mountain, ‘Old Man’s Tooth’. It felt like the perfect name for that sweet, smiley boy and [his new family] agreed!”

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