LFT Investigation Leads to Rescue of 21 Dogs from Illegal Dogfight Breeder

An investigative reporter working for Lady Freethinker discovered 21 dogs living in deplorable conditions on the property of an alleged illegal dog breeder and known dogfight organizer near Santiago, Chile. The dogs were sick, wounded and starving.

LFT’s undercover footage revealed:

  • Dogs kept on short, heavy chains or in small, filthy kennels with no food or water. Their otherwise-empty bowls were coated in green slime.
  • One pit bull had scars and wounds on his neck consistent with those of dog fights. Many dogs had eye infections or other untreated ailments.
  • Three dogs were already dead, their bodies decomposing on the ground. Veterinary examiners believe they starved to death.
  • More than 30 hens and cockfighting roosters were also caged on the premises.

This story about illegal dogfights aired on Chilean national news channel Ahora Noticias. Watch the story here:

After seeing LFT’s evidence, police raided the property.  An investigation team and veterinarian examined each animal and recorded their health and living conditions to see if they met the legal standards of care for animals in Chile (Ley de Tenencia Responsable). They decided these standards were not met, and suspect Gonzalo Ariel Rebolledo Robles — who has been charged twice before for organizing and breeding for illegal dogfights — was arrested for animal abuse.

Photo of a bulldog in a cage illegal dogfight breeder

All 21 of the surviving dogs were rescued by local volunteers, and now finally in the care of people giving them the love and attention they deserve.

This property was previously exposed as a cruel breeding facility in the 2016 documentary Perros de Pelea: Juego Perverso (translates to  Fighting Dogs: Perverse Game), in which an undercover reporter for Mega television network revealed the inner workings of the cruel dogfighting culture in the region. However, authorities failed to act at the time.

The rescue of these 21 dogs fated for a life of cruelty is a tremendous win for the animals in Chile, and the activists fighting for their rights. We applaud law enforcement and the compassionate veterinarians and rescuers who saved these dogs’ lives, and hope to see Chilean officials take a strong stand against animal cruelty in the nation.

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Photo of a sweet pitbull looking up at camera