Lonely dogs left chained outside 24/7 in Knoxville, Tennessee, received much-needed love and attention recently thanks to Lady Freethinker and ChainFree Knoxville, a partnership that provided the animals with toys for play and straw bedding to help keep warm this winter.

Lady Freethinker (LFT) gave a $4,000 grant to ChainFree Knoxville – a nonprofit organization that works to provide necessities to chained dogs – to help them purchase supplies for dogs this winter, including wheat straw to help keep dogs warm and flaps and tarps to keep the wind out of doghouses.

LFT also donated more than 100 dog toys for the organization to distribute to tethered dogs, who often experience boredom, frustration, and anxiety from being confined to the same patch of ground day in and day out.

Photo Credit: Lady Freethinker

With the funds, ChainFree Knoxville provided 96 bales of wheat straw to outdoor dogs all across Knoxville and Knox County, with 24 more bales set to be delivered by the end of the year.

The nonprofit also published a TikTok video that shows how the bedding and other supplies will help dogs in Knoxville who are forced to face the winter outside.


Some familiar faces and some new ones in this video….Thank you Lady Freethinker for this grant to buy winter bedding and supplies for outdoor dogs! #dog #ladyfreethinker #impact #chainfreeknoxville #community #volunteer #winter #breakthechain #help

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“Lady Freethinker is thrilled to be partnering with ChainFree Knoxville to provide much-needed supplies for lonely and cold backyard dogs as temperatures begin to drop,” said Nina Jackel, LFT founder and president. “We also urge the public to bring dogs indoors so they can stay safe and warm this winter.” 

Photo Credit: ChainFree Knoxville

Dogs left chained and outside 24/7 are denied everything natural and important to them, like playing in the park, sleeping in a warm house on a soft bed, and going on walks. They often don’t have access to proper food, water, shelter, or veterinary care, either. In fact, two outdoor dogs died this summer in Knoxville after not being able to reach food or water.

LFT is calling on public officials to help save dogs’ lives and ban cruel tethering in Knoxville! If you haven’t already, please sign and share our petition with your friends and family!

SIGN: Spare Dogs in Knoxville from Suffering and Dying on Tethers