Join Lady Freethinker (LFT) in celebration of VegWeek by taking the “Veg Pledge” to have a meat-free week!

As Gold Sponsor for the national campaign, LFT is sharing the message that animals are worthy, sensitive beings who don’t need to be on the dinner table.

Spearheaded by Compassion Over Killing, VegWeek has been inspiring a meat-free week since 2009. We’ve joined COK and animal lovers like Moby, Alicia Silverstone, and Tia Blanco to take the pledge and encourage others to do the same.

Torre Washington vegweek meat-free

Torre Washington has taken the Veg Pledge /

Whether you are already vegan or vegetarian, eat meat but are ready to make a change, or are willing to give a plant-based diet a try for one week of the year, it’s great to take the pledge! Inspire others to do the same or have a vegan potluck. When you sign the pledge you’ll be entered to win prizes, get deals and discounts, and receive recipes for delicious meat-free dishes.

With 52 weeks in a year, why not make at least one meat-free? –

Why go meat-free?

It’s better for animals. Millions of animals suffer every year in the crowded, dirty, inhumane conditions of factory farms. Raised simply to be slaughtered for profit, many never have the chance at a natural existence.

It’s better for your health. Studies have shown again and again that healthy eating means plants – and lots of them.

It’s better for the planet. Climate change, runoff pollution, and water saving are all impacted by raising animals for food. Going meat-free is one of the easiest ways for an individual to help the health of the planet.

Alicia Silverstone vegweek meat-free

Alicia Silverstone /