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Across America, Big Ag is fighting hard to take away your First Amendment rights by outlawing cameras on factory farms. But Last Chance for Animals investigators did something the industry never saw coming…they placed panoramic, 360-degree cameras inside factory farms for pigs, chickens and ducks, right in the animals’ place – so you get the full experience of living there, and can use your cursor or phone to look all around. It’s the first investigation like this that’s ever been done before.

The technology is so new, I can’t share the video here. Experience it for yourself at And be prepared for a shock.

Beyond the amazing technology, this is a very important investigation to share (and I’m not just saying that because I wrote and narrated the video). It exposes a world of horrific cruelty that most people have no idea exists. Pigs in cages too small to even turn around in, biting the bars out of frustration until their mouths are bloody and sore. Male pigs castrated with no anesthetic. Dead piglets gutted and fed to their own mother.

This is very real, and happening right now at nearly all pig farms in the U.S. It has to stop. So does the cruelty on chicken farms, which you’ll also see, and the other farms that will soon be posted on the site.

So friends, tell Big Ag where they can shove it by sharing this factory farm investigation liberally. It’s too important for the world to miss.