After falling down a 100-foot mine shaft in Cornwall, a lost companion cat was rescued — all thanks to his clever canine sibling, Daisy.

Mowgli was missing for six days, and his guardian, Michele Rose, had been searching high and low. Before giving up hope, she noticed her dog Daisy “going berserk,” running in and out of the woods neighboring their house, according to the BBC.

Rose followed Daisy through the woods to the old Prince of Wales mineshaft, where she heard the meows of Mowgli.

“She was persistent in making me follow her,” Rose said. “It was amazing.”

Cat rescue

(Courtesy of RSPCA)

Following the discovery, Rose contacted the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) to assist in the rescue. The rescuers rappelled down the abandoned shaft and came up with a completely uninjured Mowgli, according to Inside Edition.


Mowgli’s Rescue (Courtesy of RSPCA)

Mowgli was reunited with the Daisy, the sister who saved him, as well as the family’s other cat, Baloo. To hear about another incredible rescue, check out this story about a kitten who survived a home explosion.