A formerly feral kitten who was living under a house in Minnesota survived a gas leak explosion and now has charmed her way into a new name and — hopefully soon — a new home.

The kitten, now named Miss Piggy, was formerly part of a cat colony in Isanti County but found a friend in a man who lived nearby and fed her. When a gas leak exploded the man’s home, he returned and found the kitten, who had managed to survive eight days on her own despite severe burns and whom he rushed to emergency care, according to KKTV.

All four of Miss Piggy’s paw pads were severely burned, but the cat clearly wanted to live, according to Azure Davis, founder and executive director of Ruff Start Rescue, the rescue that stepped up to care for Miss Piggy.

“We know she was fighting for her life because she was still purring and cuddling even while in excruciating pain,” Davis told People“Miss Piggy wanted to live, and we were going to do everything in our power to give her that chance.”

Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy (Courtesy of Ruff Start Rescue)

Hannah Waggoner, Miss Piggy’s foster mother, said the kitten remains a resilient survivor, despite her injuries.

“These animals are so fragile, but they’re so resilient,” Waggoner said. “It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that she would be out there fighting for herself.”

Kalie Duellman-Selix, who is fostering Miss Piggy, told Lady Freethinker that Miss Piggy is recovering really well.

“She has had all her bandages off for about 2 weeks now, and all of her wounds are almost fully healed!” Duellman-Selix said via email. “Her left front paw is permanently deformed, but it doesn’t let it slow her down!”

The kitten is the center of attention in her new foster home and enjoys following around her foster family and meowing, Duellman-Selix added.

“She is loving life with the foster’s resident cats as well as with their other foster kitty Fizz,” Duellman-Selix said. “She is truly one of the sweetest kittens ever! She loves all the cuddles and pets she can get!”

Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy (Courtesy of Ruff Start Rescue)

And there may be even more good news on the horizon for Miss Piggy, whom Davis said has a potential adopter already lined up.

“She said she couldn’t stop thinking about her and knew she had to be hers,” Davis told People about the adopter. “What really cemented it was that one of her cats carried around an adorable pig toy in her mouth as a kitten, and she knew it was meant to be.

Miss Piggy is scheduled to go to her forever home on November 6. We’re so glad that this sweet survivor has happier days coming!

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