Famous YouTuber and kitten rescuer Hanna Shaw — known widely as the Kitten Lady — has joined forces with Compassion Over Killing (COK) to speak out for a different kind of baby animal; she’s asking pizza chain Little Caesars to save calves used in the cruel dairy industry by introducing vegan cheese to their product line.

“Animal lovers are pizza lovers, too — especially me,” says Hannah. “Having a plant-based pizza on the menu at Little Caesars will be a victory for our health, for our earth, and for the animals.”

Hannah has followed a plant-based diet for 15 years and is passionate about raising awareness of the trauma inflicted on baby cows as they are ripped from their milk-producing mothers.

This amazing, animal-loving woman is famous worldwide for her work with cats — specifically, rescuing tiny kittens. She has made a name for herself by hosting workshops, providing resources and advising communities on how to care for cats and kittens.

More than 100,000 people have signed COK’s petition pleading with Little Caesars to “take a stand against the misery behind every bite of mozzarella and offer consumers an alternative: vegan cheese.”

Competing pizza restaurants, including Mellow Mushroom, Lebron James’ Blaze Pizza, and Pieology, have already introduced vegan cheese options, while in New Zealand and Australia, Domino’s Pizza has also made this compassionate move.

It’s time for Little Caesars to cater to those who don’t wish to support animal abuse and slaughter throughout the dairy industry. Join COK in asking them to provide a dairy-free cheese option here.