A mail carrier in Shelby County, Alabama was on his route delivering mail when he noticed a ball of black fur in a storm drain. Thinking on his feet, he investigated and found a tiny kitten who was dehydrated, malnourished, and covered with ants and fleas.

The mail carrier took action and carried the injured kitten to his next stop– the Chelsea General Store. At the store, the owner’s daughter cleaned off the kitten and fed him a tiny bit of food. They soon were able to contact a veterinarian who came out and determined he was paralyzed and could not use his hind legs.

The rescuers named the cat Chance and he is still residing at the Chelsea General Store. The store owner, mail carrier, and owner of a local pet shop have all been pitching in to help take care of Chance but they’re in need of some help. They have provided food, toys, veterinarian care, and love but Chance is in need of a bit more. The group of rescuers have started a Go Fund Me page to help pay for a mobility cart, diapers, litter, litter box, future medical trips.