The Craven Country Jamboree music festival in Saskatchewan, Canada took a very dark turn when a kitten was doused with alcohol and set on fire. Fortunately, the crowd rushed to the cat’s rescue, and put out the flames before the burns grew too severe.

According to TM’z Veterinary Clinic in Lumsden, Sask., “drunken individuals were drenching [the kitten]  in alcohol and then lighting it on fire.” Drunk or not, there is no excuse for torture.

The authorities were brought in, and the cat was rushed to TM’z and eventually adopted by a festival employee.  She has been aptly named “Jamboree” — although more likely than not, she’d prefer to forget about the event that caused her so much pain.

As buzz grew about the incident, the Jamboree responded quickly with an update on social media.

“We’re extremely disappointed that one of our fans would stoop so low,” said Jamboree spokesperson Kim Blevins. “I think it was someone that made an incredibly bad decision. We don’t condone any sort of violence against people or animals.” Of course, it’s more than just a “bad decision.” Animal cruelty is a serious crime.

One man was kicked out of the festival at the time of the incident, and an investigation by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) commenced. Two men now face criminal charges. May justice be served.