Investigation Reveals Tyson Chickens Cruelly Crushed, Bludgeoned and Impaled

Investigation Reveals Tyson Chickens Cruelly Crushed, Bludgeoned and Impaled

Tyson, the largest poultry producer in the United States, has been exposed for torture of chickens yet again.

New footage of a Tyson supplier captured by an undercover investigator for Compassion Over Killing (COK) reveals workers impaling live chicks with nails attached to pipes, throwing birds around, running over and killing birds with a forklift, and throwing sick birds into buckets of dead ones to painfully die themselves.

The video also shows leg deformities suffered by many of the birds, who are morbidly obese due to genetic engineering that makes them grow to full size within 45 days of hatching.

The investigator worked at Atlantic Farm in Temperanceville, Virginia, for six weeks, and recorded rampant abuse and torment at the facility, which houses over 225,000 birds.

Following the release of the video, 10 employees were fired from Atlantic Farm. Tyson has also reportedly terminated its contract with them and removed all of their birds.

Tyson boasts about its commitment to humane practices, and states that it follows the “Five Freedoms.” These include:

  1. Freedom from hunger and thirst
  2. Freedom from discomfort
  3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease
  4. Freedom to express normal behavior
  5. Freedom from fear and distress

The video unveils the truth, however. With so many birds crammed into a tiny space, many die of starvation and thirst because they’re unable to reach food and water. With their legs breaking beneath their abnormally heavy weights, the birds are clearly in severe discomfort, with many enduring excruciating pain, injuries, and disease. Allotted less than a square foot of space each, they are in no way able to express normal behavior. And freedom from fear and distress is impossible for a bird being slammed against a wall or brutally beaten to death.

This is the second time in just over a year Tyson suppliers have been caught on video blatantly torturing the animals. In 2016, nine employees were convicted of 24 counts of animal cruelty in Virginia.

Tyson continues to mislead customers, most of whom are unaware of the horrible cruelty that goes on behind closed doors. However, with footage exposing what’s really happening, people have the choice to let the abuse continue or to stop supporting a company that promotes it.

“Our hidden-camera footage uncovers the egregious and systemic horrors Tyson allows its birds to endure behind closed doors,” said COK Executive Director Erica Meier. “It’s time for Tyson to be a true leader by tackling the most pressing issues in its industry today by immediately ending the genetic manipulation of birds for rapid growth and expanding its investment in the consumer-driven future of food: plant-based proteins.”

To ask Tyson to stop the cruelty, sign COK’s petition here.


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  1. Anette

    COMMENTI will never by your chicken again nor will my family or friends until you stop this cruelty get cameras in your chicken houses and have someone monitor them! Fire anyone that is cruel there is no reason for this in human behavior

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  2. Diana Flores

    The thing is, no humane person would want to work in an industry like this. Most people would rather buy their meat than to kill them themselves. Only cruel people who enjoy killing and torturing beings would take these jobs.

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  3. Jacqueline Lukens

    I am now boycotting Tysons. I will not buy anything they make until they become honest and employees who care.

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  4. Mary Jo Broz

    We ALL need to stop buying Tyson foods!!

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  5. Gail Calhoun

    Chickens are amazing pets and do freely express affection. Few might realize this. They do cute things, and show they are smart. Very sweet. Canaries are also sweet and loving. Birds are definitely not a food thing.

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  6. Gayle Shumate

    Meat birds suffer from crippling deformities, spend their entire lives sitting in their own waste & die horrifically scalded alive on high speed kill lines. The egg layers have their beaks cut off when they’re tiny chicks so they can’t peck each other over the stress of living their entire lives 8 to a cage, filthy, never able to extend their wings or scratch in the earth. They too go off to the high speed slaughter line when they’re a year and a half old and not laying as well. I’ve boycotted Tyson for many years. Their pigs suffer horribly too. I raise my own chickens. They are delightful creatures, friendly, follow me around the property & I control their lives from hatch to table. You can tell when your chickens are happy. They engage in natural chicken behaviors & make contented sounding vocalizations. Raise your own & give them a happy life or go Vegan.

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  7. Tisa

    This is so unbelievably horrible that any person can be a part of something so cruel. I have to wonder what kind of people are these that can perpetuate such injustices to innocent animals.
    And now I have seen where they are starting a vegetarian line. How DEVIOUS OF THEM!
    Do they think we are stupid? They also want to cash in on us vegetarians along with meat eaters. Well they will get nothing from me except my contempt!

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  8. Phyl


    Otherwise…BOYCOTT TYSON!

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  9. Julie Tamayo

    I will make sure anyone I know, my family and myself will never ever eat or purchase any Tyson product ever again.

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  10. Maria Marsi

    Why why why do people enjoy being cruel to living breathing things all animals are alive therefore they hurt and feel disgrace to the people that work in these places and do these things a disgrace for mankind

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  11. Mary Jo Broz

    Tyson you are a big successful company, why do you allow your employees to treat the animals that have made you who you are! So heartless and inhuman? This has got to be stopped!!’ This will and is getting out to the public and you WILL be left behind!!!
    I hope you loose your success and have to pay for what you are allowing to go on,

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  12. Mary Jo Broz

    Tyson you are a big successful company, why do you allow your employees to treat the animals that have made you who you are! So heartless and inhuman? This has got to be stopped!!’ This will and is getting out to the public and you WILL be left behind!!!
    I hope you loose your success and have to pay for what you are allowing to go on,

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  13. Carol

    I stopped buying Tyson a long time ago and will never knowingly purchase or consume it.

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  14. Jaime Perez

    Another reason why I don’t eat meat. I don’t want to contribute to the suffering of innocent animals. These factory farms are hell on earth for the innocent animals. The people who work in them are sadistic and cruel to the poor animals.

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  15. Linda J Collard

    Absolutely despicable, no excuse for this kind of treatment! Just think, if those birds had a pasture to run in and eat bugs and be normal, they always come back to roost at night, so why all the caging and torture? Just human scum having their own kind of horrible “fun” I guess; they should be treated the same way in prison.

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  16. Maria Aurora Duran - Padilla

    These is why I am Vegan.

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  17. Jo Ardell

    Tyson please stop making these Poor Chickens suffer so bad and stop making them live such miserable lives. They deserve so much better than this!

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  18. Lola

    How horrible, shame on this company!! they should be put out of business immediately!!

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  19. michele rule


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  20. Ruth


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  21. Shasha

    I am glad they are exposing this. I can’t eat meat due to it clogging my blood vessels and abuse. My sons stopped eating meat also now due to eating the abuse. Animals are awesome and need a good healthy/happy long life with love and treated well.

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  22. Linda G.

    Tyson you make me sick. I will no longer buy your food. You are liars and animal abusers. Animal and child abusers are lower than the scum in a gutter. How dare you mislead the public about how the chickens you use are treated. You are pathetic. No creature should have to endure the pain these chickens go through. They should be wandering outside where they can move and breath clean air and obtain the food and water they need. How about we cram all the executive at Tyson in to a small crate and then maybe after a couple of days they will better understand what these chickens are going through. While they are in there they can be stabbed with nails coming out of pipes. Turn about is fair play, right Tyson?

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  23. Mary


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  24. Leah Waller-Fambrough

    I’m boycotting TYSONS forever!

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  25. Betty Olson

    The cruel and inhumane treatment of chickens is insane!!! What is wrong with these serial killers!! What is wrong with Tyson that they would use hormone growth to grow babies fast and then torture them!! I will never buy Tyson chickens again and I will spread the word as to why!!! No animal should ever be tortured!!!

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  26. Podgie

    Everyone at Tyson who is complicit in the abuse of these gentle creatures should be strung up and I’ll willingly volunteer to do the stringing!

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  27. Lynne

    Terrible people to treat any creature like this. Shameful

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  28. Allison T Anderson

    These types of jobs attract people who enjoy inflicting pain on animals (and perhaps on humans, too.) Unfortunately, the pay isn’t very good and most people don’t want to do this type of work so you are left with the worst of the worst human beings who delight in making these animals suffer. Unless the workplace is heavily monitored with cameras and foremen who care about animal welfare, nothing is going to change. It’s such a helpless feeling to know how many people are getting away with torture every day!!

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  29. Lynn Marie Bailey

    This is evil & horrendous!! TYSON stop this cruelty your employees are loving this too much. Hang your heads in shame the world is watching!! ????????????????????????

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  30. Amanda

    This obscene cruelty is beyond comprehension, this place should be clised for good and every one of its employees jailed

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  31. yvonne cartmale

    What horrible people to do this to chickens, cctv needs to be in place in these places and any one caught must be sacked.
    and a big fine and i have signed the petition!!!!

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  32. leanne

    Shame on Tyson. Those employees who participate in or encourage this sort of behaviour should be brutally beaten and caged in adequate housing themselves. Failing that they should be jailed and the key tnrown away.

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