The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina has found an unconventional use for mascara wands: they’re the perfect size for grooming and caring for baby animals.

According to the staff at the refuge, who focus on rehabilitating injured wildlife, the brushes are ideal for removing fleas, eggs, and larva from the soft, fine coats of baby animals such as ducklings, chicks, rabbits, and pigeons.

The refuge launched the Wands for Wildlife campaign and urged people to mail in their used and unwanted mascara brushes. So far, the drive has yielded over 11,400 donations from at least 40 states — and they’re gladly accepting more.

There are lots of animals in the care of the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge, and the mascara wand donations help offset the costs of animal care while they raise money for a badly-needed new rehab center.

To see how they use the mascara wands, watch this adorable video of baby animals getting a brush down.