The Secret Misery of the Moonbear, 2018 Korea Olympics Mascot

The moon bear has been chosen as a mascot for the 2018 Winter Olympics, to be held in PyeongChang, South Korea. However, the reality for thousands of these bears is dark: trapped inside small cages for most of their lives waiting to be slaughtered for their bile. South Korea has 39 of these farms, and the bears’ lives look starkly different from the bubbly cartoon mascot.

Youtube/PyeongChang 2018


Video by Animals Asia

The moon bear is a sub-species of the asiatic black bear, found all over Asia. Their natural habitat is forests and mountains. But wild numbers have dramatically decreased due to habitat loss and poaching for bile farms. Though bear bile has no proven medical benefits, South Korea — as well as China and Laos — still allow bile farms to legally operate.

Please check out and share this infographic to show your concern and support of the moon bear!

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  1. Cynthia Trexler

    The way you treat these innocent bears and torture them you will be treated the same way. They are God’s creation! How could anyone be so cruel and ignorant to destroy these magnificent bears hearts and souls by torturing them. I hope you will release these animals as they are not meant to profit your pocketbook for your evil and selfish deeds. God will punish you for this!

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    • Karin

      The best thing that you can do for ALL animals is to go vegan. God did not put animals on the earth for use to use, eat, wear and exploit. Eden was vegan and is the state of grace that all Christians should strive to attain.

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    Il est inadmissible qu’à notre époque il y ait encore des barbaries de toutes sortes. Pour un peuple soit disant civilisé, pour une espèce soit disant développée, quand je vois toutes ces cruautés, je me dis que (l’humain) n’est que monstruosité , qu’il n’est qu’un parasite pour le bien être de toutes vies, qu’il n’aurait jamais dû exister, qu’il devrait être éradiqué. Définitivement inexistant. La planète s’en porterait que mieux. Sans l’humain, se serait un monde parfait.

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  3. Karin

    #BoycottKorea2018 Boycott buying products from these countries, if there is something you NEED from those countries, complain to the manufacturer (Samsung, Kia, Daiwoo for a few) on their website that you want them to get involved in ending this and the dogmeat farms. Don’t travel there and spread the word!!! Write letters, sign petitions and share like crazy on social media. This barbaric treatment of animals everywhere MUST STOP.
    The BIGGEST thing you can do if you truly love animals is tp go vegan! Stop participating in animal harm of any kind!

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  4. Gary

    The best thing we can do is boycott anything and everything we can figure out is coming from Korea, likewise do not visit or support the Olympics Olympics . Maybe economic sanctions will make them think a little bit about they’re animal prayers laws and actions.

    Tell everyone you know about the Moon Bears and what individual should do to help, especially by boycotting.

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  5. Sue Carpenter

    This is truly the most horrific thing I have ever seen! What is the matter with these STUPID ASIAN IDIOTS AND THEIR RIDICULOUS MEDICINE THAT DOESN’T EVEN WORK??? I think that most people have heard about the decimation of the elephant and rhino population (not to mention sharks, pangolins, etc. etc.) but this is 1,000 times worse. I’m afraid I’m beginning to HATE THESE ASIAN TORTURERS, AND ANYONE WHO INDULGES IN THIS ABSURD MEDICINE WHICH IS FUELLING THIS HORROR. PLEASE SHARE WIDELY!!!!!

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  6. Karen

    Wake up you stupid people. I for one have no respect for any of the Asian countries that have no respect for animal life. Put Koreans in cages and stick a valve in their bodies to syphon out their bile. Karma is a b……. all those people will be eventually punished. May all those countries go to hell.

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  7. Emily

    After seeing the video it’s become very clear that a game changer is required…and it begins with the involvement of Korea and the 2018 Olympic committee. Instead of using the MOONBEAM as their mascot – why not drop the use of mascots indefinitely in exchange for using part of the Olympics as a platform for supporting Moonbeam through the use of world donations. This would help to uncage them so that they can live their remaining life in Sanctuary; put an end to entrapment of all animals. As well the support would be used to create onsite media in which to educate and engage the public about the unnecessary captivity and syphoning of Moonbear’s valve and learn to appreciate their origins and life in the wild. The support would come partly from Olympic Ticket Prices, Sponsorships, Country involvement and National/Regional Brand Commercials. What better way to bring the world together in harmony but at the Olympics.

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    • Emily

      Excuse my unedited written words and relying too heavily on auto spell check; but “Moonbeam” should read “Moonbear”. Sorry for the confusion.

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  8. randi ross-Quick

    Until people put the wellbeing of others, including animals, ahead of their love of money and profit, nothing will change. Money should simply be a means to an end, not the god it has become. AnimalsAsia is an organization that focuses on moon bears in all Asian countries.

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  9. moira

    Absolute disgust at this. The Korean government and Olympic comittee should stop this now. The conditions these bears are kept in, for the benefit of humans, is beyond cruel and must be stopped. This assult on the animal kingdom has to stop – what a shame the ‘human’ race ever evolved.

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  10. Cherie A LeBlanc

    Go figure. Leave it to the Asians to treat animals cruelly. Anything they can get money from and attention. It’s disgusting and it has to be stopped. No animals should be stuck in a cage or tank.

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  11. Alessandra Ferrari


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  12. Susan Higgins

    This is insanity. I’m so sick of certain cultures thinking animal parts are good for verility or other such nonsense. It has to stop. BOYCOTT anything to do with them.

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  13. Sonya Barton

    You would think in this day and age, these people would realize that a bear’s bile has NO healing properties. This is so barbaric, as is what is done to the poor geese who are tortured for their bodily fluids. When will man stop this cruel, selfish and abhorrent treatment of animals who are placed on the earth for us to take care of.This is shameful.

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  14. Gniccky

    The more ignorant people are the easiest way to control people mind leave them to believe that,bear bile have benefit for medical treatment.Come on people we are in 2017 no more in lala land believing such crap stone age superstition.
    Boycott cruelty !!! and save all animals.

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  15. Gadi Lieberman

    This should be immediately stopped! South Korea must consider its public image if they want to sell their merchandise.

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  16. vera de weyer

    stop this creulty forever now !!!

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  17. Steve P

    Stop buying things from this country until they improve their humanity towards animals. So sad to see in this day and age.

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  18. Roy

    We must boycott Olympics and their trinkets used for advertising it, this horrific treatment of Moonbears in Korea must be stopped… and NOW! I am never going to buy anything that says Made in Korea and will try to throw out anything with their label on it. Please! Everyone take on this attitude and look at the labels on everything you buy. The officials of this country will only learn a lesson if it hits them in the pocketbook. Let’s force them to get all Moonbears released from the tiny jails and the torture they endure for their entire life. If they are going to exploit the bear for the Olympics and act like they care about them, then make them honor their words and release them all to sanctuaries.

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  19. Michael Böhm

    It is perverted. An animal becomes a symbol of Olympic Games and in the meantime thousands of bears suffer in cages for a stupid reason. I can´t understand , that Asian People still believe in substances, made of bear bile , rhino horn, tiger bones and so on. It remembers of middleage superstition. Also the Olympic Commitee should think about a country, which is not able to find a modern way of life.

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  20. Joanne Hill

    So terribly sad. Makes me ashamed to be human.

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