The Government’s So-Called ‘Wildlife Conservation Council’ is Packed with Trophy Hunters

The Government’s So-Called ‘Wildlife Conservation Council’ is Packed with Trophy Hunters

Killing for conservation is not the ethos you would expect from a group called the International Wildlife Conservation Council (IWCC). However, that seems to be exactly what this new advisory committee has been set up to promote.

Created by the Trump administration late last year, the council will advise the Department of the Interior on the promotion of international trophy hunting. Elephants, lions, rhinos – species already at risk from poaching, habitat loss, and climate change – will be put between the crosshairs of a hunter’s scope if this council has its way.

Appointed by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, the council members met for the first time this past Friday. Under Zinke’s leadership, the Department of Fish and Wildlife has already made moves to undo Obama-era bans on bringing elephant and lion trophies into the U.S. Part of the committee’s stated purpose is to make “efforts to increase awareness of the conservation and economic benefits of United States citizens traveling to foreign nations to engage in hunting.”

Based on social media posts, the Associated press predicts each member of the 16 person council will be in favor of big game hunting as a method of conservation. The committee contains not a single voice against trophy hunting.

US Government Legalizes Elephant Trophies – Speak Out to Stop This Cruel Plan

Hunting in order to protect a species is not a widely held belief by most conservationists. Most of the animals hunted for trophies are already endangered or at risk. For trophy hunting especially, the strongest animals are targeted, weakening a population overall. Each and every one should be allowed to live out a life as protected from human interference as possible. Combating the problem of poaching by encouraging wealthy hunters to kill an animal for the display of body parts is hypocritical and weakens the arguments to protect these animals.

No, Trophy Hunting Does Not Help Save Endangered Species

The Chicago Tribune created a brief profile for each of the members. Many are associated with the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the trophy hunting group Safari Club International (SCI). The infamous killing of Cecil the lion was carried out by dentist Walter Palmer, member of SCI. One of the members is a lobbyist for hunters. Another co-owns a private hunting preserve with Donald Trump’s adult sons. Donald Trump Jr. is known for his big game hunting and has drawn the ire of animal conservation groups worldwide over publicized photos of him with his trophies.

cecil lion trohpy hunting

Cecil’s body posed as a trophy

Though advisory committees such as these are supposed to bring a balanced view of issues, the IWCC clearly does not. Created under the Federal Advisory Committee Act, the group is mandated to be “fairly balanced in terms of the points of view represented” and “not be inappropriately influenced by . . . any special interest.” Comments protesting the council as biased have been submitted to the Fish and Wildlife Service by animal conservation groups and scientists. Lawsuits will inevitably follow.

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  1. Linda Mayo

    This is the most Ignorant thing I have ever heard of. Yet again, the Fox is guarding the Hen House. Changes…Changes…we NEED Changes. This literally makes me ill.

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  2. Linda

    It appears hinters are violent ruthless hardhearted humans. Killing defenseless animals is inhumane. We must do all to stop this. Laws are not working. So let’s hunt the hunters. Like fighting fire with fire!

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  3. Robert Johns

    If we were to ‘harvest’ and ‘gather’ wildlife-killing sport hunters in the same manner they relentlessly pursue helpless animals, there would be a hue and cry across the land. Let’s not use euphemisms to cover up the ugly truth of what these people do in their spare time. . .premeditated killing with weapons on one side and none on the other, so they can have a trophy on their walls and brag to their buddies about what big men they are, when, in fact, they are very insecure if they need to kill something to validate their manhood.

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  4. Phyl

    Hunt the trophy hunters! Jail the trophy hunters! Hefty fines for trophy hunters! DEMAND WORLD WIDE HUMANE TREATMENT OF ALL ANIMALS

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  5. Jim Takahashi

    Analyze this – most trophy hunters are White Americans.

    My analysis :
    White AmeriKKKa has been built on gun power. Hence, White Americans’ obsession with guns. Guns are the very symbol (or religion) of White AmeriKKKa, and trophy hunting is an expression of it.

    Everything has causality and trophy hunting reveals a deep-rooted cultural/psychological trait of White AmeriKKKa.

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