Cinnamon the goat and Felix the dog were taken to Wake County Animal Center in North Carolina after their guardian was no longer able to take care of them. But their story doesn’t end there.

The animals’ guardian became hospitalized, and that’s when animal control stepped in and brought the goat and dog to the shelter. During this temporary placement, it quickly became apparent how close the unlikely friends were. It was clear they did not want to be separated.

The Wake County Animal Center has a vast network of rescues and began reaching out to local rescues once they recognized the profound bond between Cinnamon and Felix.

Finding a place for both animals was tricky. Cinnamon needed enough space to roam, but Felix needed a place suitable for a dog. That’s when Mr. Mo Project, a nonprofit that sets up dogs with fosters, stepped in and found Jacquie Bankes, a farm owner willing to care for the famous friends.

Their precious friendship soon went viral on social media. People were ecstatic to learn that the iconic pair will live together in a home that cherishes them both dearly.

Cinnamon and Felix’s story is yet another example of the powerful connections between all animals, and the rights — of all species — to live free from fear, distress, and premature deaths. To read more stories of inter-species friendships, read another heartwarming piece here.